RV Converter Fan Turns On & Off Frequently | Here’s the Fix!

The converter fan is controlled automatically by a thermostat. When the converter gets heated while recharging the battery, the fan will automatically turn on to cool it.

But, if the battery is faulty, drains power faster than normal, needs intermittent charging, or faces sudden voltage fluctuations- then the converter fan may turn On/Off very often. 

To fix this issue, you may need to check the battery-performance and replace it if required. However, in some cases, only fixing internal appliances connection or maintaining proper charging cycle can solve the issue.

Let’s explore in detail.

RV Converter Fan Turns On and Off Frequently

Why Does My RV Converter Fan Turn Off and On Frequently?

During charging the battery, the converter gets heated. To cool it down, a thermostat will turn the fan On and keep it running until the temperature comes to an allowable range.

So, when there are any frequent ups and downs in converter temperature, the fan will get Turn On and Off accordingly. If it’s happening too fast, like within 5-7 minutes or less, maybe it’s due to some problem. 

These fluctuations of converter temperature can be caused by so many reasons, which includes,

  • Hot weather condition
  • Trickle charging
  • Low battery performance
  • Appliances issue

Though it’s possible that the issue lies with the converter, in most cases, the issue is basically with the battery. So, now let’s see how to find the reasons behind these issues.

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Troubleshooting and Fixing RV Converter fan On/Off Issue:

As we mentioned earlier, the fan can be controlled by a thermostat. In most recent models, there is also new technology that measures the current flow and operates the fans accordingly. 

However, in both cases, the above mentioned things can go wrong. And here’s how to identify and fix them properly. 

Hot Weather Conditions

When the temperature inside the converter is high, the thermostat will turn on the converter fan. Anyway, the temperature can get higher if your RV is parked or going through very hot weather. 

Then, even if the converter is not running, it’ll still get heated, and the fan will be turned on. It’ll stop again when the temperature decreases.

This may not be the most common reason, but if you see the issue, don’t forget to consider the outside temperature. In this case, keep your RV parked in a cold place and see if the Fan stops its anomalous behavior.

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Low Battery Performance

If weather is not the main issue, maybe it’s the battery itself. 

When the battery’s performance is low, the voltage may drop below 12 volts, the converter will start recharging to maintain a voltage between 12 – and 13.5 volts. 

And to keep the converter cool, the fan will also start running. 

Anyway, check whether the battery life is past, the water level is lower, or the battery charging cycle is hampered. If you observe any of these, that means the battery needs to be replaced.

Finding a good battery can cost you around $300-$3000 depending on your requirements. 

Trickle Charging

If the battery of your RV is facing trickle charging for any reason, it’ll start recharging automatically (if it is connected to AC power) when the voltage drops a little below 12 volts. 

Then the converter will keep running and charge the battery until it’s fully charged, and it will continue the loop. Thus, trickle charging can cause the fan to turn On/Off frequently. 

You can check the battery voltage and its charging/discharging condition with a voltmeter or multimeter. If the battery power drains frequently, and instantly recharges again, it’s a sign of trickle charging. 

Though this feature is good for storing batteries, you can stop using it by using a converter that doesn’t support trickle charging.

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Appliances Issue

An uncommon reason that some users have faced is the internal appliances in RVs that can make the converter fan turn On/Off frequently. 

If there’s any default refrigerator that runs on a 120V AC supply, but is mistakenly connected to the battery power, it’ll drain too much battery power. 

So, the converter fan will continue to work along with the converter. Moreover, if the 12V emergency brake is activated, this may also cause this issue.

Check if there are any such appliances connected to the battery power that generally runs on AC or if the 12V emergency brake is activated. If yes, the problem lies here. 

Turn those Off or fix them accordingly to solve the issue.

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Why Does RV Converter Fan Run Continuously?

As per the study, many users have complained that the fan on their RV is running continuously. 

But it should run only when the battery is connected for charging. Well, this can happen for some reasons, but it’s obviously not a good sign.

Let’s discuss when this may happen.

Poor Battery Conditions

As you already know, the purpose of the converter fan is to dissipate the heat generated by the converter. So, when the converter keeps working, the fan must run to keep the system cool.

So, if the battery condition is not good and it keeps charging continuously, the fan will keep running to provide cooling backup automatically.

In such cases, replacing the battery will solve the issue. A new battery will function properly, and so will the fan.

Damaged Circuit Board

If the circuit board is damaged or the circuit is tripped, then the battery won’t have power to recharge itself. In such cases, the converter will continuously keep running to convert AC to DC power for the appliances. 

Since it’ll get heated, the fan will be automatically turned on by the thermostat and will keep running. 

In such cases, you can check the battery terminal with a multimeter to see whether it’s getting power or not. Fixing the circuit board will fix the problem.

Poor Ventilation

Due to poor ventilation, even if the fan continues to run, it won’t be able to dissipate heat from the converter. So, as the overall temperature will be higher, the thermostat won’t stop the fan, and thus the fan will run continuously.

To solve this problem, make sure that there are enough spaces around the converter so that the ventilation process can be smooth. Then the fan will stop automatically.

As you can see, the fan will only run continuously when any of the above mentioned issues occur. Otherwise, it’ll only run when charging the battery or using shore power.

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A converter is a must-have part for an RV, as is the fan for a converter. If you still have some questions about an RV converter fan, here are some answers that you may be looking for. 

Can an RV Converter Overheat?

Yes! An RV converter can overheat if the fan fails to operate. For troubleshooting, you can check whether the fan is receiving power or not with a multimeter. If even after getting power, the fan is not running, you may need to replace it to solve the overheating problem.

Can I Use an RV Without a Converter?

Yes, you can, but you shouldn’t. A converter converts 120 volt AC power into 12 volt DC so that the appliances in your RV, like the refrigerator, can use the power. If there’s no converter, then your battery may drain anytime, and you wouldn’t be able to use shore power anymore.

How Much Electricity Does an RV Converter Use?

It depends on the capacity of the converter. For instance, a 45A and 12V DC converter will be equivalent to 540 watts (45*12 = 540). On the contrary, for 120V AC power, the amp reading would be 4.5A. 

Final Words

The main function of a converter fan is to keep the converter cool. If the converter is getting heated frequently, the fan will get On and will stop when the converter cools down.

The frequency of this Off/On loop can be 30 seconds or lower. This is not normal and maybe you need to check the battery and fix it soon.

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