5 Reasons Why RV Roller Shade Won’t Stay Down: How to Fix?

RV roller shades are a specialized type of window cover that protects the interior from sunlight, or maintains the overall aesthetics. However, sometimes you may find it difficult to stay down in the shade. 

RV Roller Shade Won’t Stay Down can occur for various reasons, such as incorrect installation, worn-out springs, damaged cords, broken roller tubes, etc. In any case, the problem isn’t permanent, and can be solved easily. 

Let’s find out the specific details of each reason and see how to fix them to make it work again.

RV Roller Shade Won’t Stay Down

5 Reasons Why RV Roller Shades Won’t Stay Down 

There are many reasons why the RV roller shade might not stay down. Over the years, some of the problems even became obsolete as new technology made its way to the roller shades. Here is a list of the five main reasons: 

  • A worn-out spring mechanism 
  • Damaged cord or broken chain 
  • Incorrect installation of the roller shades 
  • Excessive friction on the roller tube 
  • Deformed or damaged roller tube 

Troubleshooting the Issues of RV Roller Shade not Staying Down 

By now, you should be able to identify exactly why your RV roller shade is not staying down. Some of these might require a deeper inspection. Regardless, here’s how you should go about solving them. 

#1 – Worn Out Spring Mechanism 

There is a spring mechanism inside the roller shade that maintains tension when it is pulled down. 

Another stretch on the shade when it is down would normally trigger the rolling mechanism. And the shade should go up. 

But often, the shade might not hold in the closed position due to issues with the spring. A worn-out spring will lose tension and eventually fail to hold the shade down. 

If your shades are relatively new, the issue may also be due to factory adjustments in the spring. 

An expert can try to restore the tension by adjusting the spring calibration. If not, then you will have to get a replacement spring. The cost of spring itself ranges between $15 and $30. 

But expect to pay around $50 to $100 in total with labor costs. If you want to get it done yourself to save on the extra cost, follow this video.

#2 – Damaged Cord or Broken Chain 

RV roller shades are operated using either cords or chains. These chains ensure a smooth transition between each flap for the perfect opening or closing of the shade. 

Due to wear and tear, the cord or chains might become damaged, frayed, or broken. In that case, the roller shade will not function as intended, meaning it will not stay down. 

Unfortunately, there are no DIY fixes for the chains or cords. You will have to replace them to get the roller working again. 

The cost of cords or chains ranges between $10 and $25, depending on type and specification. This cost will be increased by labor costs for installation and replacement. 

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#3 – Incorrect Installation or Mounting

This is also another common reason why your RV roller shade won’t stay down. Many times, users or even the factory incorrectly install the shades. 

In the case of an incorrect mounting, the closing and opening motions of the shade might be staggered. 

The shade won’t close,  but it also won’t open all the way through. Rather, it will get stuck in between. 

The incorrect installation may be due to misaligned brackets or loose mounting screws. 

Check the brackets if you have some technical expertise. All you have to do is remove the screws and realign the brackets with the roller tube. 

Make sure to properly tighten the mounting screw. Your roller shade should be working like new. 

#4 – Excessive Friction on the Roller Tube

The roller shade uses the roller tube for the smooth rolling of the curtains. Two stop-mechanisms work when the shade is either closed or opened. 

A worn-out roller tube will fail to trigger the stop mechanism when closed. You will also notice friction while trying to bring the shade down. 

Excessive friction occurs due to dirt, debris, or dust accumulation in the roller tube, specifically in the ratchet and pawl mechanisms. 

The solution to this issue is to clean and properly lubricate the roller tube. Depending on the lubricant used, it should cost between $10 and $20. 

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#5 – Damaged Roller Tube

It’s pretty easy to solve the issue with dust and debris on the roller tube. But in the case of a damaged or broken roller tube, things become a bit more complicated. 

The roller tube is the main supporting arm of the roller shade. It maintains a smooth transition from the closing to the opening of the shade. 

A damaged roller tube will cause the shade to close unevenly or stay hanging mid-way when completely opened. 

In almost all cases, the solution is to replace the roller tube and install a new one in its place. The cost usually ranges between $50 and $100. Here’s a quick video guide on how it’s done. 

Expert Tips to Keep the RV Roller Shade Working Properly 

If it is your first time fixing roller shade, you need to be careful. For instance for any kind of troubleshooting, make sure the RV is stationary and the power system is turned off. Anyway, here are some more tips that you can follow:

  • Regularly inspect the roller shade mechanism 
  • Test the spring mechanism for adequate tension 
  • Ensure proper installation and mounting 
  • Check for excessive friction on the roller tube 
  • Be gentle while opening and closing the shade 
  • Keep dust and debris away from the shade 

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What you’ve read above should cover most of the queries regarding the RV roller shade. Here are a few more of the common questions asked by our readers. 

How often should I perform maintenance on my RV roller shades to prevent issues?

It is recommended that you perform a maintenance check every few months. Maintain a clean and tidy space around the RV roller shade. Do a thorough cleaning once every month. 

Is it possible to upgrade my manual RV roller shades to motorized ones?

Yes, it is possible to upgrade your manual RV roller shades to motorized ones. For that, you will need to seek professional help. You will additionally need to set up a motor, a remote control, and a power source for the motor to operate the roller shade. 

Can I repair the spring mechanism in my RV roller shades myself, or should I hire a professional?

Yes, you can repair the spring mechanism yourself if you have the necessary skills. It is not that easy and might require sensitive expertise. If you do not have the technical skills, then it is better to leave it to the experts. 

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Final Words 

Issues with the RV roller shade not staying down aren’t all that uncommon. Many RV owners complain that their vacation gets ruined because of faulty roller shades that they didn’t check beforehand. 

The right thing to do would be to assess and understand the source of the problem. All the possible issues aren’t that difficult or costly to fix. A proper diagnosis and quick fixes will ensure its functionality.

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