Most Common Grand Design RV Problems [Solutions Included]


Grand Design is famous for manufacturing a large variety of recreational vehicles (RVs) and fifth wheels. In addition, this company produces their travel trailers with reliable construction and an extended warranty that the customers love most. But still, there are some issues with these RVs that people often run into.

The most common Grand Design RV problems may include water leaks, faulty appliances, electrical faults, and loose screws. Slide-out problems may also increase due to water leaks and poor lubrication.  

But what causes these issues on Grand Design RVs? What are the symptoms and solutions for them? Well, if you want to know more basic information about these problems, stay tuned throughout the article.


What Are The Common Problems With Grand Design RV?

As time goes by, you’ll likely experience certain problems with your Grand Design RV. The most common problems that come with a Grand Design RV are:

  1. Electrical issues
  2. Roof problems
  3. Tire problems
  4. Water leaks
  5. Loose screws
  6. Damaged appliances
  7. Faulty slide-out
  8. Thermostat problems

Most Common Problems with Grand Design RV and Their Solutions:

Now that you know the common problems of Grand Design RV, it’s crucial to know how you should solve them. So, here we’ll explain the 5 most common Grand Design RV issues along with their troubleshooting and fixing process. 

Problem 1: Electrical Issues

The most common problem with a Grand Design RV is the electrical issues like damaged LED lights, faulty generators, and power switches.

The symptoms of electrical issues may include the malfunctioning of bathroom lights, kitchen lights, a generator, or a refrigerator.  

What Causes Electrical Issues On Grand Design RV?

In most cases, electrical issues are detected because of the blown wires. The other possible causes may include:

  • Damaged wires
  • Loose connections
  • Blown fuse
  • Overheating
  • Faulty power switches
  • Short circuits 

How To Fix Electrical Issues On A Grand Design RV?

Electrical problems may constantly come up. But you can easily solve these problems with some basic knowledge and a professional mechanic’s help. To solve certain electrical issues, follow the following procedure:

  • If the LED lights are faulty, check the wires and fuses if they’re blown out.
  • If the bulb is damaged, replace it with a good one.
  • If the generator starts shaking when turned on, check if it heats up or overloads quickly.
  • When the refrigerator works on propane but not on 110V, it leads to electrical problems. In that case, check the circuit breaker and replace it if it is faulty. 
  • If the A/C isn’t getting 120V power, it will stop running. To solve the problem, look for the loose connections, fuses, and circuit breakers and fix them as required.   

How Much Does It Cost To Fix Electrical Issues On Grand Design RV?

If you fix the problem yourself, the repair cost can be cheap. But if you call an electrician, the overall cost will be up to $200. 

  • Mechanic Cost: $80 to $150.
  • Replacement Cost: over $14 per bulb.

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Problem 2: Slide-out Problems

One of the most common problems with a Grand Design RV is the slide-outs become stuck. Slide-outs are the parts of your RV which provide extra space in your camper for sleeping and for other activities.

As much as they’re great, they can be worse when they become unable to move. 

What Causes Slide-out Problems On Grand Design RV?

Many issues can cause slide-out problems on Grand Design RV. Some of the possible causes are:

  • Lack of lubricants
  • Water leaks
  • Blown fuse and wire
  • Old age
  • Dead motor
  • Low-quality materials
  • Rust and corrosion

How To Fix Slide-out Problems On Grand Design RV?

Performing regular preventative maintenance is the best solution for this kind of problem. Nevertheless, if the slide-out collapses while RVing, follow the following procedure:

  • Check the moving parts of the slide-outs, if there is any rust or corrosion. 
  • If those moving parts aren’t in good health, replace them with new ones. 
  • You should also make sure that there are enough lubricants in the moving parts of the slide-outs. 
  • Verify if there is any leakage that causes an illimitable waterfall. If YES, repair the leakage to prevent water from leaking. 
  • You should also check if there are any electrical issues. If the slides aren’t getting 12V power, they may stop functioning. So, check the fuses and circuit breaker for any loose connections. 

How Much Does It Cost To Fix Slide-out Problems On Grand Design RV?

The slide-out problem among the Grand Design RV problems is one of the most expensive problems. The overall cost of fixing slide-out problems will be between $700 to $2200, depending on the problem it has.

  • Mechanic Cost: $179-$200 per hour.
  • Replacement Cost: If you need to replace the slide-outs, it will cost $500-$2000; replacing a dead slide-out motor will run over $299.

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Problem 3: Tire Problems

The problems are not much with the tire but with the axle bearings. The axle of the vehicle allows it to move without any friction. In addition, the axle bearings control the movement of the wheels and support the vehicle’s weight.

When the axle bearings are in trouble, various issues can be detected. Besides, the wheels may lose their control and start wearing on only one side. This problem can also damage the hub and CV joint of the RV. 

What Causes Tire Problems On Grand Design RV?

Manufacturing errors are the major cause of tire problems. The other potential causes may include: 

  • Aging axle bearings 
  • Poor lubrication 
  • Driving the trailer on bumpy or muddy roads
  • Rust and dust near the bearings 
  • Leakage from the hydraulic system 

How To Fix Tire Problems On Grand Design RV?

To fix the tire problems, what causes this problem on your Grand Design RV to fix the tire problems? In this case, faulty axle bearings would be the major culprits. To solve the faulty axle bearings  issues, go for the following steps: 

  • Check the bearings and make sure that there is enough lubricant or no rust in the bearings. If not, add more lubricants to prevent unwanted friction.
  • You should also repair the leakage from the hydraulic system to prevent the accumulation of rust.
  • If the bearings are still troubling, replace them with new ones. 

How Much Does It Cost To Fix Tire Problems On Grand Design RV?

The possible repair cost is probably the cost of the mechanic and replacement parts.

  • Mechanic Cost: the labor cost will be between $79 to $129.
  • Replacement Cost: if you need to replace the tires, it will cost between $250 and $300 per tire. And if you change the bearings, it will run from $24 to $116.

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Problem 4: Roof Problems

Many times people complain that they constantly see bubbles on the roof membrane of the vehicle. Though this problem is not so big to deal with, it can be annoying to face. 

This problem will hamper the comfort zone of the owner and can cause the accumulation of rainwater if the problem is not treated at the right time. In addition, it can also damage the slide-outs and AC unit. 

What Causes Roof Problems On Grand Design RV?

An installation fault is the main reason for this problem. But some other issues can create roof problems, and they are: 

  • Poor quality of roof membrane 
  • Roof membrane breakdown 
  • Water leaks 

How To Fix Roof Problems On Grand Design RVs?

As the problem is not so complicated, the solution is also not too complex. All you need to do is just take off the rooftop and tighten it back up. 

But if the roof is damaged and it has the chance to leak water, change the membrane and make sure it is tightened enough. In this regard, it’s a good idea to take help from a professional mechanic. 

How Much Does It Cost To Fix Roof Problems On Grand Design RV?

If you do not need to replace the roof membrane, there will be no cost except the labor cost. Otherwise, the overall fixing cost will be: 

  • Mechanic cost: The labor cost will be around $80 per hour. 
  • Replacement cost: RV roof replacement costs will run between $300 to $350 per linear foot.

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Problem 5: Loose Screws

One of the most common problems of RVs is their loose screws. You may often explore some loose screws in the interior appliances like kitchen cabinets, drawers, or bed boxes. 

Because of loose screws, the cabinets or drawers will open continuously and create uneven sounds and noise. This problem may seem very simple but would be very irritating to deal with.    

What Causes Loose Screws On Grand Design RV?

None but the manufacturing error is the main cause for loose screws. The manufacturer does not tighten the screws as required at the installation time. Except for that, there are still some issues that can cause the screws to fall. The issues may include: 

  • Driving on bumpy roads 
  • Damaged or old nuts and bolts 
  • Low-quality nuts and bolts 

How To Fix Loose Screw Problems On Grand Design RV?

Solutions for the loose screws are very normal. To solve the problem, follow the following steps: 

  • Check the nuts and bolts. Change them if they’re damaged.
  • Install new nuts and bolts if they are old. 
  • Tighten them adequately until you make sure that they won’t lose again. 

How Much Does It Cost To Fix Loose Screw Issues On Grand Design RV?

The fixing cost of loose screws won’t be so expensive. If you hire a technician and change the screws, the possible cost will be like:

  • Mechanic cost: The labor cost can be between $80 to $100 per hour. 
  • Replacement cost: Overall cost will be around $99 to $150. 


Your RVing can be frustrating when you need to call your technician repeatedly to solve some minor issues that can occur collectively or individually. So, it’s crucial to have some basic knowledge about the common Grand Design RV problems and their solutions. 

Now that we’ve discussed the possible problems of the Grand Design travel trailer and their solution, you may be aware of keeping off these problems while RVing. In this regard, preventative maintenance is crucial. 

Never forget to check up on the parts of the vehicle if they are in good condition. Don’t let the parts become so old and get into unstable stress. Replace them before they create any unbearable problems. In addition, keep lubricating the parts regularly.  

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