Where is the RV Water Heater Reset Button and How To Use It?

No one likes overheated water in their body or daily usage because it can burn your skin and cause a problem with the water heater. RV water heater is no exception. Sometimes, your RV water heater’s thermostat malfunctions, which is why a reset button exists for that purpose.

Different RV water heater reset buttons are located in other places, but almost 90% of them are behind the thermostat panel board, and it is a red colored button. You need to press and hold it for a few seconds until you hear the water heater starting again.

Some people find it hard to locate that reset button, which is evident because even I faced the same problem. But don’t worry, stick with it to learn how to identify and use it.


Do All Rv Water Heaters Have Reset Buttons?

As I said earlier, not all RV water heaters have a button located in the same position; some RV water heaters don’t have any reset button.

Reset process for RV water heaters without reset buttons is different, which I will discuss later, but first, let’s look at some different RV water heaters with and without reset buttons.

ColourREDREDGrey Switch
LocationInside the Junction BoxAbove the ThermostatInterior Panel( 3 Switches )

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Atwood Rv Water Heater Reset Button Location

First, you will need a socket wrench to open the panel of the junction system. Unscrew the cover, and you will find a red reset button beside the heating element.

Dometic Rv Water Heater Reset Button Location

There is a red button behind the thermostat panel made of metal. Unscrew the sockets of that panel, and you will find the reset button of the Dometic RV water heater a little above.

Suburban Rv Water Heater Reset Button Location

The Suburban Rv water heater is powered by Electric and Gas, so it has two reset buttons for each of them. If you open the interior panel, you will find three switches. The left is for electric power, the right is for LP gas, and the last is for a full shutdown.

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Reasons That May Trip Reset the Button Of the RV Water Heater

Modern RV water heaters include a reset button because there can be malfunctions like the water is too hot or not hot. Old RV water heaters didn’t have a reset button, which caused many problems and had to be reset manually.

There can be several reasons your RV water heater reset button keeps tripping. You need to know why this is happening so you can fix it.

Let’s examine the most common reasons for RV water heater reset button tripping.

Inside Water Temperature Got Too High

RV water heater shuts off the power when the water temperature rises to the desired level. But, sometimes, because of some malfunctions, it can fail to stop, which results in extremely hot water, and to prevent from causing any accidents, the reset button trips and stops the heater.

Broken Thermostat

Thermostat is the device that allows you to set which temperature you want your RV water heater to heat the water. A faulty thermostat can fail or excessively raise the temperature, and then the reset button trips to warn you.

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Faulty ECO ( Energy Cut-Off)

It happens rarely. Still, the ECO or energy cut-off mechanism of the RV water heater can be faulty, which fails to turn off the heating after reaching the given temperature. This is another reason for reset button tripping.

Wiring Issue

Wiring issues like power connection wires or control panel wire can be worn, which result in sparks. As a result, the RV water heater fails to start, and the water stays cold. Reset button will trip unless you fix it.

Defective Heating Elements (Burner Defect)

RV water heaters mostly work on gas, and that gas needs to be lightened. So when a burner fails to ignite the gas, the reset button trips. It can happen because of rust on the burner.

Ran Out Of Gas

This is unusual, but sometimes the sensor fails to detect the gas empty, especially on the older RV water heaters. The water heaters continuously try to ignite to heat the water, but when it fails, the reset button trips as an empty gas alert.

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How To Reset the Rv Water Heater Using The Reset Button?

I already mentioned that only modern RV water heaters had reset buttons to save more time. The older ones do not have that feature, so the resetting process is also different.
Below I will tell you how you can reset both types of water heaters, which is very short and easy.

RV Water Heaters with Reset Button

Once you find your RV water heater reset button following the ways I said, you need to press and hold the reset button for a couple of seconds until you hear a humming noise which indicates the water heater just restarted.

RV Water Heaters without Reset Button

For those who don’t have a reset button on their RV water heater, you need to disconnect the power and look for any technical issues like wiring or burner plate. Fix them and reconnect the power. This should reset the RV water heater.

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Water heater is essential for an RV; resetting it can raise many questions among the owners. So, I will try to answer some of them from my experience.

How Long Will It Take My RV Water Heater To Heat Up After Reset?

You cannot expect to reset an RV water heater and heat the water instantly. You will need to wait between half an hour and up to an hour. I can be faster, though, depending on the heater.

What To Do When RV Water Heater Reset Button Doesn’t Work?

Reset Button can malfunction, but it happens because of a faulty thermostat. So, if you face this, check if your thermostat has an error code. Fix that, and the reset button will work again.

How To Reset An RV Water Heater Without Reset Button?

Some classic old RV water heaters don’t come with a reset button. When those water heaters face similar problems, you must cut off the main power and restart the heater to reset.

What Causes An RV Water Heater To Need To Be Reset?

There can be many causes behind an RV water heater resetting. The most common reason is the temperature went too high.


When the reset button of an RV water heater trips, the water inside gets cold, and we don’t want you to use cold water on a winter day or whenever you need it. 

Finding the locations of the reset button can be tricky; that is why you should follow the instructions above and heat the water as soon as possible.

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