Problems with Andersen No Sway Weight Distribution Hitch


The Andersen weight distribution hitch is one of the best picks for balancing large vehicles’ weights and trailers’ weights. However, you might face issues if you use the Andersons now sway hitch on bumpy roads for a long time. Eager to know what are the common Andersen no sway weight distribution hitch problems?

One common problem with Andersen no sway hits is that its connection sometimes becomes loose and might continue swaying your vehicle. If you use it for a long time, this hitch can get switched from its original position.

You can quickly solve the issues and save your large vehicles from damage. Find all the solutions and problems regarding the Andersen weight distribution hitch to have the best outcome.


What Are The Common Problems Of Andersen No Sway Weight Distribution Hitch? 

Like every other weight distribution hitch, the Andersen no sway weight distribution hitch also shows some problems. 

These problems not only occur in this distribution hitch, but it is also common among other hitches. However, a few issues are unique in the Andersen weight distribution switch. 

Don’t worry! We have found the solutions to all those problems and sorted them out for you.

Hitch Gets Loose:

Improper installation of the Andersen weight distribution hitch mainly causes the hitch to malfunction. If you install the hitch correctly, it will balance the weight in your trailer no matter what. It will ensure that your trailer stays in place even when you drive at high speed on uneven roads.

You might need to learn how to install the Andersen hitch correctly to stop swaying. In that case, you should go through the product manual. If you don’t find the manual helpful, go through the company website and YouTube videos if necessary.

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Vehicle Still Sways:

Even after installing the Andersen no-sway weight distribution hitch, the vehicle might still sway. This will occur if the connection of the hitch gets loose. 

The easiest way to deal with this issue is to regularly tighten the nuts and inspect them before a ride. If you don’t, the hitch could come off while driving, endangering your and others’ safety on the road.

You should check and tighten the connection of the weight distribution hitch by Andersen quite frequently. Removing the hitch once a month and inspecting your car afterward is also advised.

If your no-sway hitch is coming off or slightly loose, you should tighten the connection before driving the vehicle. You can also consult an expert to do the job for you.

In addition to that, if the weight on your trailer is more than its capacity, the vehicle will get damaged. If you check the connection of the weight distribution hitch regularly, you can detect that the weight is more than its capacity. So you can save your trailer and truck from any damage.

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Supportability Issue:

In other cases, repairing and tightening the Andersen weight distribution hitch connection is insufficient, and the device may not be able to support the vehicle. Unfortunately, you will need to sell the goods or return them if they cannot fit on your RV or truck.

This is precisely why, before making a purchase, you must confirm the unit’s compatibility. To find some of the mounts and accessories that Andersen no sway weight distribution hitches have listed online, visit their website. 

Once you’ve selected the ideal hitch for your vehicle, carefully read the handbook before using it safely towing a weight.

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The Hitch Shifts From The Original Position:

If your vehicle sways even after installing the weight distribution hitch, you should check the weight distribution of the truck or RV. This is crucial to keep the Andersen hitch in its original position.

You should check the weight of both truck and trailer before you install a weight distribution hitch. This is because the hitch by Andersen is designed to carry low weight. If the weight is higher than the hitch can withstand, consider reducing the weight from the trailer and the truck itself. 

Hitch Twists:

The weight distribution hitch by Andersen can get twisted or switched from its original position after a particular time. 

You can place a mat or rug underneath the hitch to prevent it from turning or shifting. It will make the connection of the hitch much sturdier and more stable.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Ailer. Your curiosity regarding the Andersen no sway hitch might remain unreplenished. So follow along as we address some of the most burning questions regarding this issue and help you find an answer.

What is Andersen’s no sway weight distribution hitch?

A weight distribution hitch will help you balance the weight between your truck and trailer. If the trailer sways more than usual, you might lose control of the vehicle. So, this will help you keep control of your RV even while driving at high speed on the bumpy road. 

Are Andersen Weight Distribution Hitches Necessary?

Yes, the Andersen weight distribution hitches are necessary if you own a truck and use a trailer to tow various items. You will also need it to pull one car behind your car. This hitch significantly reduces your truck’s bumper strain during a problematic tow. This prevents harm to your large vehicle.

Do Andersen Weight Distribution Hitches Fail?

Yes, Andersen hitches often fail, and drivers of short-bed vehicles have also complained about hitting the emergency brake often. You just have to be very careful when driving with this hitch. Also, remember to replace the funnels regularly; otherwise, the hitch might fail more often than you think.


As you can see, you will face a few problems when installing Andersen weight distribution problems. The issues aren’t complicated, and you can solve them effortlessly if you follow the instructions correctly. 

Finding a solution for the problems in the Andersen weight distribution hitch is not as complicated as it may seem to you at first. However, you might be unable to balance your trailer if you don’t do it correctly.

We hope our discussion has helped you find most of the Andersen no sway weight distribution hitch problems. Have a safe towing experience by solving the issues of your weight distribution hitch.

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