4 Most Common Problems with FR3 RV [Solutions Included]

Like any RV, FR3 has been subject to many complaints and common issues. Although it is commonly believed that RV problems are serious and impossible to resolve on your own, the majority of RV problems, except for a few electrical issues, can be resolved by the owner.

If you have owned FR3 for a while, The most common RV issues with the FR3 RV include, but are not limited to, water leak under the main slide, entry door issue, control module issue in the rear slide out, electrical issues, and the hot water tank switch issues.

In the rest of the article, we will walk you through a detailed discussion of these issues, including their causes, symptoms, and simple fixes. Keep reading to find out more.


What Are the Common Problems With FR3 RV?

There are two main categories into which FR3 problems can be divided. Issues in category one might be small and straightforward to fix. All electrical and engine problems fall under category 2, which requires professional assistance to resolve.

Here is a list of a few typical problems that include both category one and category two. Later in this article, we’ll discuss the simple fixes to these problems. Keep reading.

  1. Water Leak Under the Main Slide
  2. Entry Door Issue
  3. Rear Control Module Issue In the rear Slide Out
  4. Electric Issue

4 Most Common Problems with FR3 RV and Their Fixes:

Troubleshooting FR3 requires a few logical steps to perform. When the issue appears, get to the root cause of it. Once you know the reason, find out the simple fix strategy. Finally, once the preliminary analysis is done, solve the issue.

If you want to solve the issue independently, consult the service manual. On the other hand, if the issue is related to the engine or electricity, you should seek professional help.

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Problem 1: FR3 RV Water Leak Under The Main Slide

Water spilled out of the main slide when the leak started and moved toward the refrigerator. Sometimes the water comes out from under the couch and dinette, especially when you close the slide.

These are the probable symptoms of leaks under the slide of the FR3 RV. Water leaks should be considered severe before they damage the other electrical components. 

What Causes the FR3 RV Leak Under the Main Slide?

The FR3 RV has a volt at the rear and top of the slide. The sealant coming off the bolt may be the most obvious reason. There may be a leak at the bottom of the exterior wall. Also, the loose clamp can be the cause of the issue.

How to Fix the FR3 RV Leak Under the Main Slide?

We have found some valuable fixing strategies from the forum discussion that we will mention below.

Simple Fix 1: Check that Clamp Is not Loose

A flexible drain line connects the kitchen sink to the ABS drain line, which then leads to the gray tank. The clamp holds these lines in place. 

A loose clamp may be the culprit behind the issue. You might need to remove the cooktop or oven to get to the clamp, but this is the area you need to check.  

Simple Fix 2: Seal the Leak

The lower portion of the exterior wall where it meets the lower trim piece on the slide is another place to look. If there are any leaks or leaky areas in this area, seal them out.

Simple Fix 3: Check Seams and Joints

There are some areas where FR3 does not caulk, which may let the water run through numerous areas. Check the seams of the exterior trim and the joints of the gutters. 

How Much Does It Cost to Fix the FR3 RV Leak Under the Main Slide?

The main challenge is to identify the leaks. When you can do this on your own, you need to apply the sealant to the leak. The sealant cost is minimal and can be found at a shop near your home.

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Problem 2: FR3 RV Entry Door Issue

Symptoms include when you try to close the door; you have to exert a lot of pressure to close the door. In particular, when you are inside, more pressure is needed. 

Consequently, if you apply too much pressure, the handle might completely come off.  Anyway, this is the most apparent symptom that the door is problematic.

What Are the Causes of the FR3 Entry Door Issue?

We would like to mention that there are different types of entry doors. So different reasons play the role behind the door issue. 

  • Faulty Main lock
  • Misalignment
  • Faulty pressure gas door strut
  • Deadbolt issue

How to Fix the FR3 RV Entry Door Issue?

Simply changing the high-pressure gas door strut and replacing it with the low-pressure gas door strut fixes the issue.

Another Simple Fix for the Entry Door Issue

Replace all the door shocks. The door will open so quickly that no additional stress should be applied. Additionally, it lessens unnecessary strain on the hinge and frame. For your convenience, add nylon straps to the inside handle.

How Much Does It Cost to Fix The FR3 Entry Door Issue?

Generally speaking, if you do not have to replace the door, the cost of resolving the issue is not much. If you have the basic tools and a bit of research, it can easily be solved.

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Problem 3: FR3 RV Rear Control Module Issue In the Rear Slide Out

The most obvious symptoms will be that the control module will light up red along with the code. A slide-out of an RV adds comfort, especially when you are on a long trip. Any fault in the system can be a huge headache for the owner.

What Causes the FR3 Rear Control module Issue In the Rear Slide Out

As we have stated earlier, the motor is quite a serious issue, and there are many reasons for the issue to appear. 

  • Faulty controller 
  • Faulty plug
  • Faulty or corroded wire

How To Fix the FR3 Rear Control Module Issue In the Rear Slide Out

To begin with, examine the fuse panel to identify the problematic fuse and resolve the issue. Additionally, removing the controller and holding the button to reset the controller can be a good strategy. 

There are a few other troubleshooting techniques you can try as well, such as unplugging the controller’s wire and replugging it. By doing so, you may be able to fix the issue and have the slide-out function properly.

The Best Fixing Strategy to Solve the Motor Issue

As we have stated, an expert mechanic should solve any engine or an electrical issue. Since you have the rear slide motor issue, an expert will likely solve the problem. You can contact Forest River’s warranty /service department.

Troubleshoot and fix the issue

Simply unplug the motor or remove it. Now check the voltage level using a multimeter. If the motor output has 12 VDC, that indicates the wire to the motor is faulty. 

If the VDC is not in the expected range, the controller may be faulty. Never forget to check the manual for the expected range.

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Problem 4: FR3 RV Electric Issue

Forest River electric issues include but are not limited to a  blown fuse, the ac not working,  and more specifically, the fuse keeps blowing out or the dash lights are not working. 

The FR3 has many electrical appliances such as refrigerators, air conditioners, and ovens. If any of this stops working or does not work properly, the problem is directly attributed to the electrical issue.

What caused the electrical issue in the FR3?

The main culprit behind the electrical issue is the dead battery. Suppose the battery is tripped or has a low charge; you will likely face an electrical issue. 

Sometimes the switches, push buttons, or fuse are completely faulty. Poor electrical connection is another reason you will face electrical issues.

How to Fix the Electrical Issue on the FR3?

You may have to replace specific parts or components to fix the issue. Especially if the battery is dead,then you have to replace it. Poor electrical connections play a major role in the issue. Replacing or repairing them resolves the problem.

These are all general fixing strategies for more specific issues like the fuse blowing or the dash light not working; you must ask your dealer or get professional help.

How Much Does it Cost to Fix the Electrical Problems in FR3?

If you need to replace minor elements such as a fuse, the cost is not much. However, replacing the battery will cost you more. So the cost depends on the severity and type of the problems.


FR3 RV issues are frustrating for owners. RV is big and comes with great responsibility. If you have an RV and don’t know its basic issues and what the simple fixes are, you are likely to face two consequences.

First, your long pleasure trip may turn into a measury. Second mechanic will take the opportunity of fixing the common problem and charge you a huge amount of money.

We have to try to give you insight into some common FR3 problems while you can broaden your search and learn more about them. Remember one thing RV issues are a common thing and can be solved on your own.

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