5 Common Problems with Renegade RV (Solutions Included)

The Renegade RV motorhomes are the owner’s favorites due to their towing capacity and premium build. No matter how good the RV is, sometimes it runs into issues.

Some of the most common problems that owners face are slide-out problems, loose motor screws, loose driver-side doors, sewerage problems, etc. There are also chassis-related issues that users find troublesome. These problems are enough to ruin your otherwise pleasant trip.

Not all problems require a mechanic to fix. Some of them can be fixed easily if you follow a few basic steps. In this article, you will get to know about common Renegade RV problems and solutions in detail.


What Are The Common Problems With The Renegade RV?

The Renegade RV has a chassis that supports its movement. Chassis-related issues are often found in renegade RVs. Slide-Out is another common problem. The most common problems with Renegade RV are:

  1. Slide-out problem
  2. Bad Sewage Smell
  3. Chassis-related problem
  4. Loose Motor Screw
  5. Loose Driver Side Door

5 Common Problems with Renegade RV and Their Possible Solutions:

Before you take your RV to the service center, try to troubleshoot the problem first. Some of the common problems that occur in your RV can be easily solved. Below you will get a full guide on how to troubleshoot and fix some of the most common problems with renegade RVs.

Problem 1: Slide-out Problem

RV owners often complain that the slides of the bedroom or living room don’t open or close. Sometimes the slides get stuck in the middle of the movement. It causes serious trouble during travel.

What Causes Slide-out Problems On The Renegade RV?

Slides won’t move if it does not get enough power. The slides also get jammed if any object is stuck. Possible causes of the slideout problem are:

  • Power Supply Issues
  • Motor Damage
  • Blown Fuse
  • Jammed Slide

How To Fix The Slide-out Problem On Renegade RV?

Open the control panel and check the power cord. If the cord is damaged, repair it. Make sure the slide is getting enough power. 

If the fuse is burnt, the slide won’t work. Replace the fuse with a new one. Also, check if the motor is working or not. If it’s damaged, add a new one.

The slide will get jammed if any dirt, insect, or object gets stuck inside the linings. Clean the narrow spaces properly. Try lubricating the slides with silicone lubricant. Hopefully, they will unjam and start to move freely.

How Much Does It Cost To Fix the Slide-out Problem?

Slide-Out problems are severe and you should consult dealers to fix them. The average cost of fixing is around $500-$2000 per slide. It may rise depending on the size of the slide.

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Problem 2: Bad Sewage Smell

If a bad stink hits you when you enter the toilet, surely the sewerage system has failed. It becomes impossible to stay in the RV when the septic system doesn’t work.

What Causes Bad Sewage Smell On Renegade RV?

The sewerage hose is connected with a black tank where the waste gets piled up. If the hose is broken or blocked, there will be a bad sewage smell. The causes of bad sewage smell are:

  • Damaged Hose Pipe
  • Blocked Pipe
  • Dry Black Tank

How To Fix A Bad Sewage Smell Problem On A Renegade RV?

The most possible reason for bad odor can be a leak from a damaged hose pipe. Change the hose pipe. Hairs, tissues, or other objects can clog up the hose pipe that doesn’t let the waste pass.

Clean the pipes regularly. Also, keep enough water in your black tank. Otherwise, it will dry out and create a bad smell.

How Much Does It Cost To Fix A Bad Sewage Smell Problem On A Renegade RV?

You need to contact a plumber to repair and clean sewage pipes. A plumber may charge around $45-$200 per hour.

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Problem 3: Chassis-Related Problem

The chassis influences the on-road performance of the Renegade RV. If any problem occurs in the chassis, the RV loses the power to work, causing imbalance and safety issues to your RV.

What Causes Chassis-Related Problems On Renegade RV?

The chassis is powered by a battery. If the battery fails to work, the RV faces issues. There can also be loose joints that decrease the performance of the chassis. Causes for chassis-related problems can be:

  • Broken Sway Bar link
  • Chassis Battery Problem
  • Air Dumping
  • Loose Joints

How To Fix Chassis-Related Problems On Renegade RV?

If the chassis battery charge is low, the RV engine won’t start. Charge the battery fully. If the battery is not charging that means it is dead. Replace it with a new one.

There can be air passing sounds heard if an air dump happens. In this case, add a valve for the air dump.

The sway bars prevent the RV from swaying. They are connected with a rubber bushing to the chassis. These links get broken when the chassis is old or overused. Repair the links. Connect all the loose joints tightly.

How Much Does It Cost To Fix Chassis-Related Problems On Renegade RV?

The labor rate ranges from $80-$120 per hour. If you want to do a full repair that includes parts cost also then the price will be around $550.

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Problem 4: Loose Motor Screw

The motor assembly mainly converts mechanical energy into electrical energy. It consists of four parts: rotor, commutator, stator, and windings. These parts are interconnected with screws. If screws get loose, there occurs energy supplying issues and ignition problem 

What Causes Loose Motor Screw Problem On Renegade RV?

Screws join all the parts of the motor assembly. These screws can get loose due to overuse, aging, etc. The following reasons cause motor screws to loose:

  • Inappropriate Tightening
  • Radiator Fan Failure
  • Driving On Bumpy Roads
  • Thermal Expansion

How To Fix Loose Motor Screw On Renegade RV?

Check the screws. Tighten all the loose screws properly with a screwdriver. If any of the screws are damaged, replace them. You can also contact the servicing center if there are any other problems.

How Much Does It Cost To Fix Loose Motor Screw On Renegade RV?

Screws should cost less than $200. The Service fee of mechanics can be around $50-$200 per hour.

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Problem 5: Loose Driver Side Door

Driver-side doors on both sides ensure the safety of the driver. An uncomfortable situation may occur if these doors start to fall or come out. Also, it becomes impossible to drive in bad weather if the driver-side doors remain open. Insects can enter the RV easily.

What Causes Loose Driver Side Door Problem On Renegade RV?

The side doors are attached to the wall with hinges and rubber bushings. These hinges and bushing can get damaged due to long time use. Other things that can cause loose side doors are:

  • Poor Alignment
  • Damaged Side Rubbers
  • Damaged Hinges and Bushings
  • Old Weatherstrip

How To Fix Loose Driver Side Door On Renegade RV?

The door’s alignment gets poor if you drive continuously on uneven roads. Repair the doors to align properly.

Side rubbers that support the door can melt due to overheating. They get damaged due to overuse. Replace the side rubbers with a new one.

Change the hinge pins and Bushings if they are damaged. Also, change the weatherstrips if they are torn. 

How Much Does It Cost To Fix A Loose Driver Side Door On A Renegade RV?

Replacing the RV door can cause around $300-$700. The labor rate of RV servicing is high. You may need to spend around $150-$200 per hour for services.


Despite some problems now and then, Renegade RV is still one of the best choices for RVing. If you take some precautions, you can avoid some common problems.

Disconnect the chassis battery when your RV is resting. Try to drive slowly on uneven and bumpy roads as jerking causes the hinges and bushings to wear out. Clean and lubricate the slides at a regular interval. Keep the sewerage hose and black tank clean before you set on for a trip.

Proper maintenance can increase your RV’s lifespan and offer you smooth trips. But if some problems still occur, you can follow this article to get rid of them!

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