6 Common Problems with Tiffin Wayfarer [Solutions Included]

As you know, there are a lot of Class C motorhomes on the market right now, but finding one that’s right for you can be difficult. Tiffin Wayfarer is the choice of many for its exclusive features and Mercedes-Benz 3500 XD chassis.

The Tiffin Wayfarer is a great RV, but it also has several flaws like any other motorhome. Generator problems, nonfunctional air conditioners, insufficient storage space, ESP light problems, etc are some of the common Tiffin Wayfarer problems. In this article, we will discuss them in detail.   

You just need to read this article till the end to know about these problems along with their solutions. We promise you won’t have to get in touch with customer service representatives after reading this article.


What Are The Common Problems With Tiffin Wayfarer?

The Tiffin Wayfarer is considered one of the most popular RVs on the market today. But before you buy one, you should do a little bit of research to check if there are any issues. Let us take a look at the common problems with the Tiffin Wayfarer at a glance.

  1. Clinky Generator Problem
  2. Insufficient Storage Problem
  3. Nonfunctional Air Conditioner Problem
  4. Invalid ESP Light Problem
  5. The Slide Out Problem
  6. Cruise Control Problem

6 Most Common Problems with Tiffin Wayfarer and Ways to Deal with Them:

It is obvious that Class C motorhome owners will experience problems at some point. It is the nature of a vehicle to have problems, it is not perfect. The important thing is to know how to fix them. 

Without further ado, let’s take a look at the solutions to the common problems of Tiffin Wayfarer –   

Problem 1: Clinky Generator Problem

The generator of the Tiffin Wayfarer may clink sometimes. This is a serious problem for long-distance travel. You won’t like the scenario when you face such a problem when all your family members and friends are inside the RV. 

When a generator problem occurs, disappearing fuel will become a common incident. And buying fuel frequently will cost a lot of money.

What Causes The Clinky Generator Problem On Tiffin Wayfarer?

There are 2 types of conditions to cause this problem.

First Condition (When your generator is running hot) – When your generator is not properly filled with oil, you can experience a lack of power that may prevent the pump from functioning. This will eventually make the generator hot and force it to shut down.

Second Condition (When your generator is running cold) – This is the opposite of the first condition. When it is cold, the internal parts of your RV, like the generator, will get cold. Eventually, the generator may stop working if the oil freezes.    

How To Fix The Clinky Generator Problem On Tiffin Wayfarer?

You should also avoid adding any additional oil to your generator when it is hot. To winterize a generator, you must first winterize the engine compartment and every part of it. This includes – 

  • Air filters
  • Water cooling lines
  • Fuel lines and fittings
  • Components of the air conditioning system
  • Carburetor float bowls 
  • Jet impeller assemblies

Winterizing your generator involves storing the gasoline, oil, and air filters inside the RV so that they do not freeze during the winter season. 

How Much Does It Cost To Fix The Clinky Generator Problem On Tiffin Wayfarer?

The cost of refilling oil on your Tiffin Wayfarer can start from $2.00 to $2.75 per gallon. And depending on the size of your tank, the price will vary. On the other hand, the price of an inverter generator starts from $450 to $650.

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Problem 2: Insufficient Storage Problem

The outdoor storage space of the Tiffin Wayfarer is 54 cubic feet. It may look big from the outside, but it is not from the inside. Being a Class C motorhome, it is quite normal. But it can lead to an insufficient storage problem sometimes.

You will particularly face this problem when you are going on a campaign, with many things.

What Causes The Insufficient Storage Problem On Tiffin Wayfarer?

Although the Tiffin Wayfarer RV is made for 4 people, it may seem too much considering their stuff. We would say this motorhome is perfect for 3 people. There is no particular cause for this problem. It is just that the RV is a bit small.   

How To Fix The Insufficient Storage Problem On Tiffin Wayfarer?

Try including fewer people and gear while you are outing with this RV. That might be the only solution to this problem. 

Although the new version has a TV on the outside, people don’t find the idea fascinating. Yet, this can save some storage.   

Also, you can use command hooks and double-sided outdoor tapes to hang stuff. This will save some space. The following video can give you better insights to organize space inside a small RV –

How Much Does It Cost To Fix The Insufficient Storage Problem On Tiffin Wayfarer?

This problem won’t cost much. As a matter of fact, it is not related to money. The price of a double-sided outdoor tape is around $8. And the price of command hooks can go at most $28.

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Problem 3: Nonfunctional Air Conditioner

Well, this is a problem of Tiffin Wayfarer reported by many users. The air conditioner may suddenly stop working without any reason. It will turn back on if you try to do some treatment. But it will stop working after some time. This can be troublesome in warm weather.    

What Causes The Nonfunctional Air Conditioner Problem On Tiffin Wayfarer?

There are plenty of causes for this type of problem on a Tiffin Wayfarer. A faulty air conditioner wire is one of the common causes of this problem. A leak in the air conditioner tube can be one of the culprits. 

Moreover, there is a risk of damaging the air conditioner cables during winter.

That’s not all, the circuit breaker often trips, which can halt the functionality of the air conditioner.

How To Fix The Nonfunctional Air Conditioner Problem On Tiffin Wayfarer?

First of all, you should check for leaks in the air conditioner tube. Second, you should inspect the cables that are related to the air conditioning system. You should make sure there are no damaged cables.

If you find any leaks, try to replace the tube with a new one. Also, get rid of the damaged cables and install new ones to fix this problem.    

How Much Does It Cost To Fix The Nonfunctional Air Conditioner Problem On Tiffin Wayfarer?

You may have to count from $700 to $1,400 to replace the air conditioner unit. This is of course without the labor cost. Overall, you may have to pay a total of $1,000 to $2,000 depending on your RV model. 

So, yeah! This type of fix is not cheap.

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Problem 4: Invalid ESP Light Problem

ESP stands for Electronic Stability Program. This light gives a warning of electronic instability. It seems that the Tiffin Wayfarer is familiar with ESP light problems. If the ESP light does not function properly, you may have to deal with serious problems on slippery roads.   

What Causes The Invalid ESP Light Problem On Tiffin Wayfarer?

The ESP light may malfunction due to several reasons. Some of them are –

  • A faulty ABS ring or sensor can cause this problem.
  • A bad throttle body is one of the causes of this problem.
  • Also caused by the brake pedal switch or steering sensor.

How To Fix The Invalid ESP Light Problem On Tiffin Wayfarer?

Perhaps, fixing the following things can solve this problem – 

  • Try recalibrating the steering angle sensors.
  • If that doesn’t work, try replacing them.
  • Try installing new brake switch sensors.
  • Try repairing the breaks.
  • Replacing the wheel speed sensor may also work.

How Much Does It Cost To Fix The Invalid ESP Light Problem On Tiffin Wayfarer?

The cost actually depends on the method of fixing. 

  • The cost of fixing the ESP light may defer from $320 to $1000.
  • The cost of replacing the steering angle sensor is between $150 and $500.
  • The price of a brake switch sensor can start from $54.84 to $346.58.
  • $2600 to $4000 might be the average rate for repairing the overall brake system.

Problem 5: The Slide-Out Problem

Tiffin Wayfarer comes with enormous slide outs. But you won’t like it when you can’t even use them. Sometimes, the slide outs of a Tiffin Wayfarer can get stuck. That is when the slide out problem occurs.

What Causes The Slide Out Problem On Tiffin Wayfarer?

This annoying problem is caused by various reasons. Some of the reasons are – 

  • Broken corners or screws are one of many reasons. 
  • The motor and power lines can also be responsible for this problem.
  • On top of that, the slide out can get stuck due to the slide railing.   

How To Fix The Slide Out Problem On Tiffin Wayfarer?

As the problem is caused by different factors, the solutions also vary. Look out for broken corners and screws. If that is not the case, check the slide railing. Also, inspect whether the problem is caused because of faulty power lines.

How Much Does It Cost To Fix The Slide Out Problem On Tiffin Wayfarer?

The cost of fixing this problem entirely depends on the size of the RV. The cost can increase according to the size. You can expect to pay a minimum of $500 for a simple repair. Otherwise, the cost can increase from $1500 up to $2000 for each slide out. 

A warranty claim can easily resolve this issue without much expense.

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Problem 6: Cruise Control Problem

The cruise control is a device that constantly monitors and controls your RV’s speed. You will lose control of your RV if the cruise control starts malfunctioning. This makes it one of the dangerous problems of Tiffin Wayfarer since it is related to causing an accident.

This type of issue does not depend on the version or size of your Tiffin Wayfarer. The cruising quality will remain the same for all Tiffin Wayfarers.

What Causes The Cruise Control Problem On Tiffin Wayfarer?

This type of problem is rare. If you are a victim of this problem, then these are probably some of the causes to look at – 

  • Non-functional cruise control can be a cause. 
  • Most of the time, a defective brake pedal switch or blown fuse is the reason for this problem.
  • Moreover, an issue in the ABS or throttle control system can generate this problem.   

How To Fix The Cruise Control Problem On Tiffin Wayfarer?

It is better to check if the cruise control is working properly before buying an RV. It can be fixed by replacing the unit itself. Replacing any blown fuse or defective brake pedal switches can also give a shot. 

Last but not least, check for any electrical issues; or damaged hoses or cables.     

How Much Does It Cost To Fix The Cruise Control Problem On Tiffin Wayfarer?

It won’t cost much to fix this problem if you just need to replace the fuse, which is only a few dollars. However, the cost can increase if you want to replace the cruise control. Including the labor cost, the cost can range between $125 and $350.    


In this article, we have highlighted the common problems of Tiffin Wayfarer. Knowing these problems and their solutions may help you make a solid decision about purchasing one. 

Despite the above problems, Tiffin Wayfarer is an excellent Class C motorhome. Each of these motorhomes comes with a variety of amenities, including theater seats and ample residential space. Everything on this RV will make you feel as if you have never left your home.

To top it off, there are 30 different floor plan combinations available from Tiffin Wayfarer, making it easy for customers to find the right motorhome for their needs.

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