5 Common Problems with Pleasure Way RV [Solutions Included]

The freedom of traveling with large groups, including family members and friends, can be a great way to experience new surroundings. An RV or motorhome can ensure this type of freedom. That is why RV living is a lifestyle that many people enjoy regardless of their age.

However, occasionally Pleasure Way runs into issues that include but are not limited to leaking problems, ground clearance issues, low travel distance, faulty electric devices, and a few electric issues.

In this article, we will break down these problems. We will also discuss the causes, symptoms, and how to fix them. So, stay tuned.


What Are The Common Problems With Pleasure Way RV?

Pleasure-Way RVs are known to be some of the best RVs on the market today. However, there is always something that could go wrong. Here is a list of the most common problems with a Pleasure Way RV –  

  1. The Leaking Problem
  2. Ground Clearance Problem
  3. Low Travel Distance
  4. Ineffective Electrical Devices
  5. Inappropriate BackUp Camera Angle

5 Common Problems with Pleasure Way RV & Their Possible Solutions:

You might be the proud owner of a Pleasure Way RV. At some point, you are not satisfied with it because you will run into problems. Understanding how to fix the common problems of the Pleasure-Way RV is important to keep it in good condition over time.

Problem 1: The Leaking Problem

Generally, the Pleasure-Way RV doesn’t show much of a leakage problem. Recently, there have been some reports on RV forum websites that Pleasure Way RV has a gas leakage problem among other leakage issues. If it happens during a road trip, then it can be very dangerous for everyone.

What Caused The Leaking Problem On Pleasure Way RV?

Gas leak problems can occur when the propane tank gets too old. Many say the quality of the propane tank is average. So yeah! A gas leak problem may take place on your Pleasure Way RV.

Luckily, we haven’t heard of any water leak problems for Pleasure Way RV. If there is any water leaking issue, it may generate from the air conditioner. 

How To Fix The Leaking Problem On Pleasure Way RV?

The first step in fixing this problem is to detect the gas leak. You can check for cracks on all the propane tanks for this. Also, check the pipelines for any leaks. Although it is not mandatory, you can check for leaks on water pipes and filters. 

Perhaps, you can check the following video to find and fix leaks on your Pleasure Way RV [whether it is a gas leak or not] –

How Much Does It Cost To Fix The Gas Leaking Problem On Pleasure Way RV?

In case you find any leak in the gas tank, you need to change it immediately. Depending on the gallon size, a full tank can cost from $60 to $600. Getting a new water pipe for a motorhome or trailer can cost a minimum of $40. This is of course without the installation charge.

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Problem 2: Ground Clearance Problem

The Pleasure Way RV has an excellent floor plan. But some say it needs more ground clearance. Being a Class B motorhome, the Pleasure-Way is smaller than other RVs. Being small is not a problem. This was in fact the idea of making Class B motorhomes. 

However, smaller sizes can lead to low ground clearance. That is when the problem comes. The problem can be severe on dirt roads and off-road camping. 

What Causes The Ground Clearance Problem On Pleasure Way RV?

Basically, this type of problem is the result of a manufacturing fault. Class B motorhomes are generally made with low ground clearance. So there is no apparent cause for the issue.

How To Fix The Ground Clearance Problem On Pleasure Way RV?

The best way to fix this problem is to lift your Pleasure-Way by raising the suspensions. Some say you can lift your RV by using airbags. We guess that is not the best solution.

How Much Does It Cost To Fix The Ground Clearance Problem On Pleasure Way RV?

The cost of raising the suspension varies. For instance, if you want to do a 6-inch lift, then a typical kit may cost somewhere between $1,500 and $2,000. The performance-enhancing suspension lift kit may cost between $1,000 and $5,000.

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Problem 3: Less Travel Distance

On a typical day, most RVs can cover a distance of 200 to 250 miles. While this can extend from 400 to 600 miles if the need arises. However, a Class B motorhome like the Pleasure-Way is not good for long-distance traveling. 

You can expect to drive at least 500 miles on the Pleasure Way on a busy day. But it also depends on the model, chassis, and engine type.     

What Causes This Problem on Pleasure Way RV?

This type of RV just doesn’t offer an extensive travel distance. It is as simple as that. Depending on the engine type, some Pleasure Ways offer 500k miles per oil tank. 

The travel distance will gradually decrease if you don’t maintain your RV for a long time.  

How To Fix This Problem On Pleasure Way RV?

Inadequate travel distance isn’t something that can be fixed by repairing or replacing parts. You can get a better model of Pleasure Way RV with a Mercedes chassis. This will give you more mileage. And maintain your RV properly to get a better travel distance.   

How Much Does It Cost To Fix This Problem On Pleasure Way RV?

There is no cost for parts or repair for this problem. Remember that if your Pleasure Way RV runs out of oil in just 500 miles, it will cost more fuel. There are many cheap options for long-distance traveling.

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Problem 4: Ineffective Electrical Devices

After going through several forums, it is clear to us that a Pleasure Way RV can cause problems with ineffective electrical devices. There are issues with electric folding beds, electrical cables, the voltage inverter, electric lights, and the stock battery.

What Makes Electrical Devices Ineffective On Pleasure Way RV?

The electrical devices can malfunction or stop working if they are of poor quality. On top of that, the stock battery may die from excessive use. The electrical cables can malfunction if they are of the wrong sizes. The generator may grumble for voltage ups and downs.

How To Fix Ineffective Electrical Devices On Pleasure Way RV?

First of all, look for ineffective electrical devices and find out what’s wrong with them. Try to troubleshoot them or call an electrician to help you out. You can also take your Pleasure Way RV to the dealer or a repair shop to fix invalid electrical devices. 

How Much Does It Cost To Fix Ineffective Electrical Devices On Pleasure Way RV?

Different electrical devices have different prices. For instance, 

  • An inverter generator can cost from $450 up to $650. 
  • With that said, replacing the stock battery with the cheapest option in the market (Apex Group UI RV battery) can cost $48.25. 
  • While the most expensive one (Lifeline GPL-8DA deep cycle RV battery) will cost $699.88. 
  • Moreover, an electrician may charge from $50 to $100 per hour for fixing any ineffective electrical devices.

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Problem 5: Inappropriate Back-Up Camera Angle

The position of the backup camera of Pleasure Way is not perfect and can be improved. The current angle is good for general orientation, but it doesn’t give enough information about where you are in space. You have to rely on other systems like GPS or your phone to tell you where you are and if there are any obstacles nearby.

The existing backup camera is hidden in the tail light area, which makes it difficult to see it when backing up. Customers want to see more of what is behind them while backing up

What Causes This Problem On Pleasure Way RV?

It seems the backup camera of the Pleasure Way RV is not perfectly angled. This is the main cause of this problem. Sometimes, the camera angle is good but technical dysfunctionality can be the culprit.  

How To Fix The Angle Of The Back Up Camera On Pleasure Way RV?

Try to move the backup camera until you are fully satisfied with the view. Installing a secondary backup may also help. Or you can get help from GPS as well. However, phone GPS may not work well on mountain roads or rainy weather.  

If none of the above work, then you may need an expert’s help to fix this. 

How Much Does It Cost To Fix The Angle Of The Back Up Camera On Pleasure Way RV?

Usually, an additional rear camera can cost you anywhere from $39.99 to $500. We believe it won’t cost a dime to position the camera at the right angle. So, solving this problem is not expensive.

Final Words

You may have come to a decision of purchasing a Pleasure Way RV after observing the above issues. Aside from the above problems, a Pleasure Way RV is very expensive. 

So, it may not be worth the money if you are looking for off-road or long-distance traveling. There are many cheaper options in the market. But, the Pleasure Way is overall a great RV with so many unique features like the RVIA seal

This type of seal allows you to hook up electrical and sewer to the RV park. And being smaller, you don’t have to deal with sway problems, which most RVs often do. Perhaps, you’ll soon come to enjoy every mile you drive in your Pleasure Way RV, which is the most important part. 

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