Where is Atwood Furnace Reset Switch & How to Reset?

When you don’t clean the inside debris of the Atwood furnace for many days, it can be locked out. So, after cleaning the spider web, it is time to hit the reset switch. But you don’t know where is Atwood furnace reset switch and how to reset.

Most models have the Atwood furnace reset button on the circuit board. Although, some models have exceptions. This is similar to a typical on/off switch.

Let’s get going to learn more about the resetting process. Also, this comprehensive guide discusses the reason for the Atwood furnace reset button hitting.


About Atwood Furnace

Atwood furnaces are the prime source of heating an RV. It uses propane fuel and runs off the electric system of a 12V.

Similar to a brick house, each RV comes with a thermostat regulating the temperature of the furnace. Tuning the furnace on or off is also possible from this location.

An Atwood furnace is suitable for your comfort in the RV and lets your RV run smoothly on the road. Because of the Atwood furnace, you can drive your RV conveniently regardless of the weather condition.

Pipes, lines, faucets, and tanks can freeze during colder weather, and the Atwood furnace minimizes the risk of bursting.

For this reason, many recreational vehicles are designed with Atwood furnaces.

Where is Atwood Furnace Reset Switch?

I checked the manual of Atwood furnace and didn’t find an exact answer where the Atwood Furnace reset switch is.

However, the manual mentioned an on-off button that can perform the resetting task.

Generally, the reset switch is available on the side or top of the furnace. Finding the switch from the diagram can be challenging. Grabbing some wires and following them to get the switch would be best.

You will find blue and red colored wires in the furnace. Although most users know it as a reset button, the manual says it is a switch breaker.

The reset switch looks black-colored in most models. It can be different colored in a few Atwood furnaces. The ON side has a smooth texture, while the OFF has a rough surface.

Finding the reset switch is inconvenient for some models. But once you find the switch, resetting will be a breeze.

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How to Reset Atwood Furnace Reset Switch?

Resetting the Atwood Furnace switch is similar to giving a reset to a network router. Follow the below steps.

Step 01: Click the switch to turn it on.

Step 02: Then click the switch to turn it off.

Step 03: Wait for half a minute. Next, turn the rocker switch on. This way, the Atwood furnace will reset.

Important Note:

  • Remember, the outside access panel is unavailable in most RVs with the Atwood furnace. For this reason, get to the panel from inside.

Why Do I Need to Reset Atwood Furnace?

Atwood furnaces need to reset if you experience lockout fault codes. Let’s know the reasons briefly.

1. Malfunctional Flame Sensors

Defective flame sensors can cause a furnace lockout. When lockout happens, it is crucial to check whether the sensors malfunction. This is the most common culprit for faulty lockout; checking it first would help you solve it easily.

In this case, the furnace will stop constantly working even after tuning it on. Sometimes, the furnace will start running and shut down all of a sudden.

Calling a professional is mandatory to resolve this problem. The technician will reset the furnace; if the problem remains, replacement of the Atwood furnace flame sensors becomes mandatory.

2. Damaged Ignitor

The Atwood water heater is not lighting is another common reason for malfunctioning flame sensors.

The ignitor will stop responding when you encounter this problem. The flame sensor will fail to detect if the flame is present.

Thus, the entire system will get turned off immediately. If resetting the switch doesn’t work, installing a new Atwood ignitor would be best. Hopefully, a replacement will help you solve the complication. 

3. Lockout of the Limit Circuit

The rollout button has a limitation.

If the switch is turned on for a maximum of 3 minutes without interruption, the lockout of the ignition will happen.

In contrast, if the lockout exceeds the limit with 10 continuous attempts during low or high furnace heat, the entire system will go into auto-pilot mode for lockout.

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What does the limit switch do on an Atwood furnace?

The furnace fan limit switch activates and deactivates the components of the furnace blower. It controls the distribution of warm air throughout your home’s air ducts. Moreover, if the furnace temperature increases and gets too hot, the limit switch shuts down the system.

What does the sail switch do in the Atwood furnace?

The Atwood furnace sail switch measures fan speed and detects fluid flow. Sometimes, an electric heating component of the central heating system can turn on automatically before the blower’s airflow is established. In this case, the sail switch becomes a lifesaver by preventing such an incident.

How many times can I hit the reset button of the Atwood furnace?

Avoid hitting the reset button more than twice. If you hit several times, oil can get into the burner chamber and build up abruptly, leading to an explosion. So, if 2 attempts don’t work, don’t hit the 3rd time and prefer calling a professional.

Final Words

Trying to find where is Atwood furnace reset switch and how to reset it to solve a few complications. You can find the reset switch easily by following my instructions.

The Atwood furnace features several sensible sensors to keep you safe on the go. With a few troubles, frustration is normal. But learning the resetting process of the reset switch can help you fix the issue.

However, as mentioned, don’t think about hitting the reset button more than 2 times. It will do worse than good. If you are unsure about dealing with the problem, calling a professional would always be best. They will solve the complications easily.

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