5 Common Problems with Keystone Hideout & Their Solutions

Like any other vehicle, the Keystone Hideout runs into issues. Some issues are common. Average people with basic mechanical knowledge and the right preparation and research can handle these common issues. 

On the other hand, some issues require skill sets and professional help. The most common RV issues with the Keystone Hideout include, but are not limited to, too much dust coming out of the AC, faulty brakes, plumbing leaks, water tank issues, floor issues, and a leaky roof.

In the rest of the article, we will discuss these issues, including the causes, symptoms, and simple fixes. Keep reading to find out more.


What Are the Common Problems With Keystone Hideout?

Rv is big. Just like your actual home, it runs into issues in addition to those we have already mentioned; however, our purpose here is to cover a few common causes only.

Here is a list of a few common issues that owners often encounter. Later in this article, we’ll discuss the simple solutions to these problems. Keep reading. 

  1. Issue with Changing a Flat Tire
  2. Clogged Toilet
  3. Kitchen Faucet Stopped Working
  4. Keystone Hideout 177LHS Leaky Roof
  5. Floor Issue

5 Common Problems with Keystone Hideout & How to Solve Them:

Troubleshooting means the way you find the reason and solving the issue. When the Keystone Hideout Issue appears, the best strategy is to find the root cause of the issue and figure out some simple fixes. 

If the problem is severe, find the mechanic for professional help. And of course, never forget to check the service manual. You will get a detailed discussion of the issues here.

Problem 1: Keystone Hideout Issue with Changing a Flat Tire

Flat tires, as we all know, are a very common occurrence for any vehicle owner. Road debris, concrete, or other bad elements are responsible for this issue. The main concern for the owner is actually how to replace the old one.

While changing the tire, you may want to know whether you need to put the bottle jack under the axle or the frame. Similar to this question, you may have other questions too. We will address this question in the strategy section below.

What causes the Keystone Hideout Flat Tire Issue?

Wear and tear or the tire being too old are the common reasons for a flat tire. Many other reasons include the following.

  • Tire pressure is not accurate
  • Towing or loading more than its limitation
  • Tire Leaks 
  • Rubbed or leaked Tires 

How to Fix Keystone Hideout Issue With the Changing Flat Tire?

As stated, the keystone owners find it difficult to replace the tire. In this strategy, we will address the question about replacing the tire described earlier.

To change the tire, it is required to lift the RV. You need an instrument to support the load of the RV. For that, buy a device called the Trailer AID ramp. You can purchase it on the market. 

It is used to push the tire up the ramp. So as soon as it is lifted, change the tire. You may require a bottle jack for the flat tire axle. This is a safe way to replace the tire.

How Much Does it Cost to Fix the Flat Tire Issue?

Generally speaking, you may have to spend between $200 and $350 for the latest Keystone tire.

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Problem 2: Keystone Hideout Clogged Toilet

The toilet is clogged, but nothing is coming out. There is a black water tank, which is full. This is a common keystone toilet issue people with Keystone Headout often encounter. 

What causes the Keystone Hideout RV Clogged Toilet Issue?

The build-up of toilet paper or any other material is the most common reason the keystone RV toilet is clogged. The other reasons include the following: 

  • Waste in the blank tank
  • Waste is not flowing into the sewer 

How to Fix Keystone RV’s Clogged Toilet Issue?

Here is a step-by-step guide to follow. Hopefully, you will be able to resolve the issue.

Start by closing the black tank. Now add the cleaner. Before adding the cleaner, add a few gallons of water. Now let the cleaner sit for 15 hours, so the cleaner agent liquifies the clogging content. 

Now it’s time to open the black water tank to drain the wastewater. Clean the empty tank and close it.

How Much Does it Cost to Fix the Keystone Clogged Toilet?

Usually, the toilet issue is solved by the cleaner. So you have to bear the cost of the cleaner. And the cost of the cleaning agent.

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Problem 3: Keystone Hideout Kitchen Faucet Stopped Working

Usually, the tap and sprayer stop working, and just a trickle. Everything else works fine, including the faucet, toilet, and shower. You may try a different solution, including changing the entire head, but the issue may remain.

What Caused The Keystone Hideout RV Faucet To Stop Working?

A clogged aerator or faulty water filter is one of the most common reasons the faucet is not working. The other reasons include the following:

  • Faulty Water filter 
  • Simply the water tank is empty
  • A faulty valve

How To Fix Keystone Hideout RV Faucet Stop Working Issue?

Since there is more than one cause for the problem, various solutions may be used. The best quick fixes are listed below for you to try.

Simple Fix 1: Cleaning 

There is a cartridge. It can create a low pressure, so you should take it out to check the debris and clean it. You might be able to fix the problem. Check the backflow preventer as well, because debris may also collect there. 

Simple Fix 2: Switching Spray Mode

The supply line to the sink may be clogged and responsible for the issue. Using the button on the head, you can try switching from spray to stream and back again. 

To check the flow without the spray head attached, disconnect the spray. This process will eliminate the faucet supply system and solve the issue.

How Much Does it Cost to Fix a Faucet that Stops Working?

In general, as you have learned from Simple Fix 2, which involves switching the spray mode and disconnecting the spray. You do not have to pay if the problem is fixed using this method. 

If you have to change the faucet or head, then you have to bear the cost for them. Check the local market for the price of this item because we have no idea what it will cost there.

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Problem 4: Keystone Hideout 177LHS Leaky Roof

Maybe you left your RV unattended for a few days when you came back and found the wet bed sheet and other furniture and wet floor. There is a tiny crack in the sealant, and the black seal is responsible for all this. 

RV owners often experience this kind of situation. The problem can be solved independently, but delaying action may make the consequences severe.

What Causes the Keystone Hideout Leaky Roof?

As stated earlier, the most obvious reason for the leaky roof is leaking caulk or the crack in the sealant and the black seal. 

How to Fix the Keystone Hideout Leaky Roof Issue?

The best way to avoid a leaky roof is with proper maintenance. According to the owner’s manual, you must inspect the roof every 6 months and reseal the potential leak area.

The first thing you can do is locate your ladder, climb up to the roof, locate the leaks, and use self-leveling decor to reseal them. 

Road vibration, too much heat, and the vents aid in piercing your roof. If you inspect it twice a year, you can successfully avoid the leaky roof issue in your Keystone Hideout.

How Much Does It Cost to Fix the Keystone Hideout Leaky Roof?

If you have a leak, you need self-labeling Decor or sealant to reseal the leak area. The cost of sealant changes from brand to brand and for different sizes. We suggest you check the local market for the latest price.

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Problem 5: Keystone Hideout Floor Issue

You might especially notice the sticky sound when you step on the floor. If you delay solving the problem, you will probably damage more areas. The sticky floor is probably because the vinyl is not attached to the subfloor.

What Caused the Floor Issue In the Keystone Hideout?

Water damage is the main culprit behind the floor issue in the Keystone RV. Also, any structural flow or the normal breakdown of the floor can play a crucial role. The other causes include 

  • Moisture Damage 
  • The Glue has failed

How To Fix The Floor Issue in the Keystone Hideout?

If the issue is severe, you must call a dealer; they will handle the issue. Repairs may include removing and disconnecting the cabinet and all the electrical connections. 

After doing all the removing and inspecting, remove the floor and replace it with a new one. All the disconnected components should be reconnected. Replacing the floor is a huge task; you need the help of a professional for the job to be done nicely.

How Much Does it Cost to Fix The Issue?

As you know, if you have to replace the floor, you have to bear the cost of labor, if the warranty is expired, and the cost of a new floor. The cost of replacing the RV floor can be as low as $600 to as high as $6000.


You are not Walter White, who repaired the RV battery when he was stuck in the desert with their RV. We are talking about the great character in the TV series “Breaking Bad”. There is a purpose for talking about this character.

If you have an RV but lack important repair knowledge, you may fall into a trap. Well, some issues are complex and require expert skills. However, minor issues can be solved easily.

This guide has discussed some of the common Keystone Hideout problems, while you can broaden your search and find more. Make sure you know some simple fixes for some simple issues.

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