Alliance RV vs. Grand Design – Which One to Buy?

RV enthusiasts go for trips in their vehicles for extended periods, in the warmer months, or once a month. They prefer comfort in their RV when on the road. But all RVs are not designed to meet the users’ requirements. The Alliance RV and Grand Design are well-known manufacturers, building recreational vehicles that keep users comfortable and safe.

But you have to choose between Alliance RV vs. Grand Design. So, what are their differences? The biggest difference is in their materials. Alliance RV’s materials are made of wood. While laminated materials are used in the Grand Design’s RVs components.

Both popular brands have many similarities and dissimilarities. Continue reading to learn more.

Alliance RV vs. Grand Design

Alliance RV vs. Grand Design – Comparison Chart

Learn the key differences between Alliance RV and Grand Design at a glance from the below comparison chart.

ParameterAlliance RVGrand Design
MaterialsWoodLaminated materials (Azdel)
Wheels MaterialAluminumAluminum
Wheels Size16”18”
Customizable ElectronicsOptions availableTop-grade luxurious choice

Alliance RV – Overview

High-quality materials are used in manufacturing the Alliance RV while maintaining the best craftsmanship. You will get smooth riding and excellent handling with these RVs. Alliance RV comes with a wide range of floor plans and styles to meet your requirements.

If you are seeking a motorhome, fifth wheel, or travel trailer, Alliance RVs will be the best choice. They come with many standard features, including stainless steel appliances, LED lights, etc. In fact, Alliance RV has pretty much every necessary thing to make a user’s RV life comfortable.

Key Features:

  • PVC roof covering
  • Centralized docking system
  • Dexter 4K springs
  • Mylar-reinforced exterior seals
  • Benchmark 101” Wide Body Chassis

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Grand Design – Overview

Innovative features, premium-quality construction, and exceptional floor plans are some of the features of Grand Design RVs. They have a sizable selection of recreational vehicles, letting you choose as per your needs. You can choose the best fit by visiting their website before making a buying decision.

Grand Design will be the best option if you need a high-quality recreation vehicle and don’t bother paying a little more. The biggest feature of Grand Design RVs is you can customize the floor plan based on your necessity.

Key Features:

  • Roof Ladder (S) Solar Power Inlet and Power Tongue Jack for Solar Panels
  • Entry Door with an (S)28-Inch Radius
  • High-capacity water pump
  • Excessively oversized tank capacity
  • 2” Freshwater drain valve

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Alliance RV vs. Grand Design – In-depth Discussion of the Differences

I prepared this section looking at the build quality, warranty, rating and reviews, and price of the two premium brands, Alliance and Grand Design.

Build Quality

The longevity and durability of an RV depend a lot on the build quality. Only good-made RVs will give you long-term service.

Alliance RV

Alliance RV is promised to build its vehicles with high-quality materials. They design their RVs with customized chassis and follow unitized construction to make robust RVs. These RVs stand out for life due to stainless steel appliances and LED lighting.

Grand Design

Grand Design is also reputed for making quality RVs. They use lightweight materials to make exterior panels. Also, the manufacturer uses Luan on the RVs, making them cheaper than other RVs.

They are strict in their quality control. The company has a separate team to complete the pre-delivery inspections. This RVs quality is guaranteed with a rigorous 300+ point inspection. Such a level of inspection gives peace of mind regarding building quality.  


Recreation vehicles can go wrong anytime. In this case, a warranty comes handy.

Alliance RV

The warranty period for Alliance RVs is a maximum of 1 year. You will get a warranty for the below components

  • Drivetrain
  • Engine
  • Chassis

At the same time, RV structures, factory-installed components, and appliances are also covered by the warranty. It means, if there is a problem with the Alliance RV, the manufacturer will take care of it.  

What should I do once the warranty period expires? The good news is Alliance offers an extended warranty, covering major components such as the drivetrain or engine for extra 2-3 years.

Grand Design

Grand Design provides 2 warranties with their new recreational vehicles.

  • Limited Structural Warranty: You will get 3 years of warranty for defects in structural components. However, this warranty doesn’t transfer to a secondary owner.
  • Base Limited Warranty: Factory imperfections in materials and quality are covered under this warranty. The RV will be transferred to the new owner if you sell it.

Remember that Grand Design RVs don’t cover flaws from lack of maintenance and commercial use.  

Reviews & Ratings

Consumer reviews and ratings will help you know about the reliability of an RV.

Alliance RV

Customers are incredibly satisfied with the performance of the Alliance RV. These RVs have several standard features and a good reputation regarding build quality.

The brand receives 4 out of 5 stars from customers. Since the interior and exterior are made of quality materials, you will be sure that the Alliance RVs will last long for many days.

Grand Design

Grand Design RVs got positive reviews from both consumers and organizations. The overall rating of Grand Design RVs is a solid 3.9 out of 5. They earned the highest rating in the towing and floor plan categories.

The company receives an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. On the other hand, the BBB listed 60 complaints over the last 3 years regarding flaws of Grand Design RVs. This number is low compared to the number of sales.


Price plays a big role in making a buying decision. Here I discussed the price point of Alliance and Grand Design RVs.

Alliance RV

The average price for Alliance RV is $100,000 – $200,000. However, a few models are available, offering a lower price. If your budget is tight and you want an affordable RV, go with Alliance.

Besides, a few options like a credit union, bank, dealership, or private lender are available when the discussion comes to financing Alliance RV. Look for the best interest rate and terms when choosing a route and buying.

Grand Design

Grand Design RVs are more expensive than other recreational vehicles and come with various price points. The minimum price is $30,000, and the maximum is $160,000. Grand Design mostly sells toy haulers, fifth-wheelers, and travel trailers. They don’t sell motorized RVs such as Class A, Class B, and Class C RVs.

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Alliance RV vs. Grand Design – Which One to Buy?

So, which brand wins your heart? Well, my 2 cents for you, choose the one that meets your specific needs.

Buy Alliance RV, if

  • You have a tight budget
  • Your priority is longevity

Buy Grand Design, if

  • You are looking for a luxurious recreational vehicle
  • Your preference is the warranty


Is Alliance RV worth the money?

Craftsmanship and affordability – these two words perfectly go with Alliance RVs. However, don’t assume that they are extremely cheap. Alliance RV has several basic features and many luxurious options. If you are looking for a fantastic RV at a decent price tag, Alliance RV will be a good choice.

Is Grand Design a quality RV?

All the RVs from Grand Design are of high quality. The company does extensive 300+ individual inspections to ensure the highest quality vehicles. More importantly, their quality remains consistent.

Who manufactures Grand Design RV?

Grand Design continues its production in manufacturing RVs independently even after the company was owned by Winnebago in 2016. As a result, the company maintains quality strictly.

What are some of the most popular Alliance RVs?

The popular Alliance RV models include

  • The Tempest
  • Vegas
  • Axis

Customers are highly pleased with the performance of these RVs. Moreover, they are engineered with several standard features. Choose any model if you prefer a reasonable price and excellent build quality.

Last Words

Hopefully, you are well aware of the similarities and differences between Alliance RV and Grand Design.

The best technique to wrap it up is that Grand Design is manufactured with luxury in mind, while Alliance RV is made with a budget.

Alliance RVs have a basic model with all the necessary features to meet a camper’s needs. Whereas, if you don’t mind spending a little bit on a luxurious recreation vehicle, the Grand design will be an ideal choice.

Both brands are excellent, and the most important thing is to know your preference between choosing any of the manufacturers.

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