Atwood Hydro Flame Furnace Troubleshooting | How to Do?

Whenever you face a problem with your Atwood Hydro flame furnace, it is always important to try the easiest solutions first. Thus, you can get rid of embarrassing situations. At the same time, it saves valuable money. 

You must check the battery and make sure it is 100% charged. Atwood hydro flame furnace requires a lot of power to run. If it doesn’t get the required power, the unit will not respond. The next troubleshooting is to check whether the furnace tank is turned on and the gas is flowing. 

Continue reading to learn more tricks regarding Atwood hydro flame furnace troubleshooting.

Atwood Hydro Flame Furnace Troubleshooting

Problems in different models of Atwood hydro flame furnaces are similar. But the defective parts can be different across the models. For this reason, keep the user manual or read it intently when troubleshooting.

Here I discussed a detailed troubleshooting process based on the problem. Read and follow them carefully to regain your Atwood furnace working.

Problem #01: Atwood Hydro Flame Furnace Not Igniting

The furnace is crucial for an RV as it keeps you warm during winter. Even if the outside is freezing, you will feel comfy inside the RV due to the Atwood hydro flame furnace. Not ignition of the furnace is pretty common in all Atwood models. When it stops igniting, it cannot be very pleasant to handle.

This problem occurs specifically for 2 reasons: dirty furnace and damaged sensors. 

  • Dirty Furnace

Keeping the furnace clean all the time is mandatory. Such acts ensure efficient performance from the furnace. Also, you can avoid different furnace-related problems. For this reason, cleaning the dirt and dust from your Atwood furnace is essential. 

Once the dirt and dust are cleaned properly, the furnace will ignite for sure. Generally, when dust accumulates in the furnace, the fire fails to burn appropriately. So, clean your Atwood hydro flame furnace periodically and enjoy cozy weather inside the RV.

  • Damaged Sensors

The sensor in the Atwood hydro flame furnace is a vital component. The responsibility of this part is to keep the turned-on flame alive. 

So, your furnace will fail to ignite if the sensors are damaged. Now, you must be wondering how to keep these parts free of damage.

My 2 cents is to clean them regularly. Bear in mind these parts are sensitive. For this reason, you have to be utmost careful while cleaning. 

You can use a small pin to remove the dust and dirt from the clogged sensors inside. However, if they are completely damaged, there is no option except to replace them. 

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Problem #02: Atwood Hydro Flame Furnace is Not Staying Lit

Again, the bad sensors are the culprit. Defective sensors fail to read the heat level correctly. As a result, the furnace gets turned off even when the environment of the RV is not leveled according to the required temperature on the thermostat.

The first fixation is to clean the sensors. After cleaning, check whether the problem is solved. In case the issue still exists, I recommend replacing the sensor. If the furnace is not staying lit after replacing the sensors, be sure the problem is in the control board.

It would be best to call a professional in this situation. Handling the control board problem is tricky. A professional is the best person to troubleshoot the problem in the control board. 

Another reason can be an error in the burner. Sometimes, the burner gets burned when the propane pressure is not high enough. Burner replacement is the only solution, and professional help is a must. 

However, if you have basic knowledge regarding Atwood hydro flame furnace parts and connections, DIY is recommended. You are the person to decide whether the problem needs to be handled by a skilled technician. 

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Problem #03: Atwood Hydro Flame Furnace Not Turning Off

Several reasons are responsible for this problem.

Most probably, the fan switch is the source. Check if the fan switch has gone bad. Replace the fan switch if it is bad. The next one can be the faulty time delay relay. It also requires replacement if not working properly.

In order to replace the fan switch and time delay relay, contact a professional for the right diagnosis. They will troubleshoot the problem properly and suggest the right solution. I recommend this because the issue may happen for another reason, like a bad thermostat or shorted-out thermostat wires.

If you are not expert enough or don’t have the required tool, a repairman will be the best person. However, it is important to call an Atwood-approved repairman if your furnace is under warranty. Canceling your protection is illogical when you can avoid that possibility.

Fan switch, time delay relay, and thermostat can easily be found in your nearest store. They are inexpensive as well. So, you won’t have to spend much money on solving this problem.

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Problem #04: Atwood Hydro Flame Furnace Blowing Hot Air

The sail switch is the first component to troubleshoot when you experience an Atwood hydro flame furnace blowing hot air. Your furnace will not heat the inside of the RV, and you will feel cold in the winter if the sail switch goes bad. Use a meter and check whether you are getting power.

For a positive reply, the error might be with other parts, not the sail switch. Inspect the circuit board thoroughly to know if there is something wrong.

On the other hand, if there is no power, buy a new sail switch and replace the bad one.

Meanwhile, if the circuit board and the sail switch are not the sources, continue identifying the culprit. Most probably, a bad ignitor is causing the concern, or it could be bad wiring to the ignitor. 

In such a situation, clean the wires completely and make sure the connection is tight enough. Are you still facing the problem after cleaning? Consider replacing the ignitor.

Problem #05: Atwood Hydro Flame Furnace Flashing Red Light

Generally, a blinking red light is an error code of the Atwood hydro flame furnace. When you notice a flashing red lamp, the device tells you something is wrong. For instance, a knockout ignition fault occurs if the red light blinks 3 times.

Low fuel or problems in fuel delivery also provides error codes. Immediate action is necessary when there is an issue with the tank regulator.

Check the tank regulator and LP pressure every year. If you notice any problem, the tank needs to be taken to the dealer for resolving issues.

The control board problem is also responsible for the red light flashing. These boards are of poor quality as they are constructed in China. Buy a Dinosaur board and replace the cheap-quality control board. Dinosaur boards are made in the USA, and the quality is higher than the original ones.

Unfortunately, the original board is the common cause of the Atwood hydro flame Furnace Flashing Red Light. Diagnose the control board first when you face this problem.

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What are the Error Codes of Atwood Hydro Flame Furnace?

The Atwood hydro flame furnace has 4 error codes. The below chart describes the codes for your convenience.

Name of the ProblemNumber of FlashesDuration of the Flash
Internal circuit board failureSteady light, zero flash 
Airflow/limit switch problems13-second pause
Fault in the flame sense23-second pause
Ignition lockout problem33-second pause

Although the codes seem straightforward, you must be careful enough to avoid confusion. You can easily count the number of blinks with the help of 3 flashes; it is tricky. 

The fixation to the internal circuit board failure is checking the water pressure. Raise the water pressure a little bit if you see a low pressure. If someone opens many taps in your camper, the water pressure becomes low. You can build the water pressure easily by shutting those unnecessarily opened taps.

For solving the airflow/limit switch problem, it would be best to check the gas pressure. Usually, it happens when the gas pressure is low. Refilling the propane tank will help you sort out the issue.

For the other 2 problems, diagnose the sensors. Error code may get activated due to the faulty sensors and show ignition lockout fault. 

If the above solutions don’t work, contact an Atwood-approved repairman. 

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Final Words

The Atwood hydro flame furnace troubleshooting process will help you identify the root cause of a problem. However, consider following the troubleshooting method if only you have enough knowledge about the Atwood furnace. 

Otherwise, you will do more harm than good. If you are unsure about solving the problem, don’t hesitate to call a professional.

Whether you are a seasoned DIY enthusiast or a first-time homeowner, taking the time to troubleshoot your Atwood Hydro Flame furnace can save you money on repairs. Also, it ensures that your furnace operates at peak efficiency.

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