Why Bigfoot Levelers Won’t Retract & How to Fix This Issue?

Are you looking for the best approach to get rid of the problem of Bigfoot levelers won’t retract on your RV? It is important to deal with the issue at the initial stages so that you can prevent it from getting severe.

There are possibly many reasons that cause the issue. Among them, the most prominent is the issue of hydraulic leakage, loose connection cables, low battery charge, blown fuse, and air in the hydraulic system.

Do not be worried. You can fix the issue quickly by going through the troubleshooting steps based on the cause. And we will help you through this blog. Keep reading till the end.


Why Won’t The Bigfoot Levelers Retract?

To solve the problems produced by malfunctioning components, it is essential to understand them all first. All RV leveling systems are made up of critical components that work together for efficient functioning.

1. Blown Fuse

Sometimes, the breakers or the fuses of the Bigfoot leveling system on your RV can be blown. And if this happens, there will be a lack of power. Therefore, when you try to retract the jacks of the Bigfoot leveling system, you won’t do so.

Moreover, over time, or if there is an electronic short circuit, the fuse of the Bigfoot hydraulic leveling system can become blown. 

If you want to get rid of blown fuses, there is no better way than to replace the blown or worn-out fuses. Multiple fuses might be blown at once, and you need to replace them all.

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2. Hydraulic Leakage

This is one of the most common causes why you face the issue that Bigfoot levelers can’t retract. The hydraulic leakage can occur due to a broken pipe on the ram. Moreover, there will be loose or broken hydraulic lines or fittings. 

In case this occurs, the leveling system cannot retract the jacks when you wish. The fluid levels will go down if the tube inside the labeling jack is not filled with adequate fluid.

In order to resolve this issue, first, you need to manually check the hydraulic line and fitting of the  Bigfoot leveling system on your RV.  If there is no fluid or lack of luke, the hydraulic system can’t work. 

You should then clean the leakage area and replace the defective components out there.

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3. Low Battery Charge

To ensure a smooth run of the Bigfoot leveling system on your RV, you need to make sure there is enough charge in the batter. You cannot expect to run the Bigfoot leveling system comprehensively if there is no battery charge.

If there is no change or low charge in the battery, the hydraulic system can get power to retract the jacks.  This is why experts recommend charging the batteries fully before someone goes on a long trip with the Rv.

The solution to this particular issue is straightforward. Check the battery voltage and ensure enough voltage is on the battery. 

If there is a low voltage on the battery, you should charge the battery fully and try to retract the jacks. We hope it will resolve the issue. Make sure you check both the house and chassis batteries in this case.

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4. Clogged Jacks

If the Jacks of your Bigfoot leveling system are left on for extended periods of time, dirt, debris, and other particles may accumulate. And these lead to clogged or dirty jacks of the Bigfoot leveling system. 

Sometimes, the jacks can be frozen with no protection or lubrication for a long time.

To eliminate this issue, clean the Jacks and then use the control panel to retract them. You may also clean them using a brush or a compressed air hose to get rid of the debris.

5. Faulty Electrical Connection

On your RV, you will find many electrical connections or wires in the Bigfoot leveling system. Often, the electrical connections can be broken or corroded. 

And due to this, the system can get enough power to extend and retract the jacks. Here, you must visually inspect all the connections and try to replace them if major damages occur. 

6. Defective Hydraulic Pump

You can never expect to function the leveling system in your area to work correctly if the hydraulic pump becomes defective.  If the hydraulic pump becomes bad, it can produce enough power to run the whole living system on your educational vehicle. 

The solution to this problem is first to check the hydraulic pump and replace it if there is additional damage. But make sure you take the help of an expert mechanic to replace the hydraulic pump.

Here you can also check the service manual of Quadra Bigfoot in this regard. You can also contact the manufacturer in this case. Simply call (551) 244-3668.

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How Do You Emergency Retract the Bigfoot Hydraulic System?

This can be one of the key troubleshooting steps if you are facing issues with the Bigfoot jack retracting. For this, you should press and hold the ‘Emergency Retract’ button on the left side of the control panel. 

Make sure you press and hold the button for a while until all the jacks retract. Doing so might help you out.

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Frequently Asked Questions

It’s time to explore what other people are mostly asking about Bigfoot leveling systems that cannot retract. You can also find helpful learning materials in this section as you tackle the same issue.

How Much Does It Cost to Fix the Issue of Bigfoot Leveller Won’t Retract?

The cost of fixing the issue with the Bigfoot leveler depends on what causes the problem. However, you can expect to pay around $150-$500 to fix the issue. Plus, you need to spend a few dollars more if you have to hire a technician in this case.

What Type of Fluid Does the Bigfoot Levelling System Need?

When using the Bigfoot leveling system, it is important to remember that the pumps require Automatic Transmission Fluid (ATF) such as Dexron III. This means that you should not use hydraulic fluid on the Bigfoot leveling system.

What Types of Solenoids Are Used in Quadra Bigfoot Levelling?

The Quadra Bigfoot leveling system uses a 12 volts solenoid. Moreover, there are two 12-volt solenoids with the Bigfoot system on your RV. This type of solenoid can run the leveling system on RV comprehensively.

Can You Fix the Issue of Bigfoot Levelers Can’t Retract on Your Own?

It depends on the type of problem that causes the issue. If you have a sound understanding of the leveling system of your Recreational Vehicle (RV), you can effectively handle any issues that might arise. Otherwise, go with the mechanic. 

Final Words

When you go through proper maintenance, you can avoid any unexpected issues with the leveling system on your RV. Ensure the leveling system or the jacks do not stay extended for a long time in a particular place, as they might get frozen and cause the Bigfoot levelers to retract.

In addition, make sure the battery is fully charged, especially if you tend to use the leveling system for a long time. Check the above components if any issue occurs, like the Bigfoot leveler won’t retract.

And, if you are not an expert in this field, let a professional mechanic do the job. Besides, never forget to keep a close eye on the service manual. It can help you a lot.

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