Manual Trailer Jack Won’t Go Up or Down: How to Repair It?

A manual trailer jack is the most common and incredible tool in the vehicle industry, used to lift cars and trucks. Though a Trailer jack is a great weapon to deal with heavy lifting sometimes, it may get stuck and delay your purpose. 

Many cause your manual trailer jack to jam and fail to move. Air trapped within the hydraulic pump is the prime reason for interrupting the lifting of the manual trailer Jack.

You may get a short solution to the mentioned problems from this article. Also, you can follow your appliance’s manual instruction book to fix them, as some are too simple. Let’s see below other reasons that may help you prevent them.


Why won’t the Manual Trailer Jack Go Up or Down? 

Manual trailer jack sticking is a genuine problem for users. It’s obvious if your trailer doesn’t lift properly, you can’t use it. Have a look at what hindrance is actually behind your jammed manual trailer. The reasons are

1. Corrosion or Rust

Corrosion is one of the trailer jack stuck problems. It corrupts all the parts and gets jammed. Thus the jack can’t lift properly and even down. 

Over time this corrosion increases, but maintenance can lighten it and prevent sticking. Moreover, it will lengthen your trailer’s lifespan. So, maintain your trailer and lubricant timely. Save it from things (moisture) that assist corrosion. 

2. Lack of Lubrication

Lubrication ensures your trailer’s flexibility. Perfect use of lubrication assists in moving the jack quickly. You can use Hydraulic fuel, grease, or oil to lubricate the trailer. In the case of a trailer, Hydraulic fuel is the best lubricant element. 

Lack of lubrication results in bad bearing. It will fail to maintain the flexibility of the trailer’s jack. Moreover, it damages the parts gradually and interrupts the lifting of the trailer jack.

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3. Over lubrication

Over lubrication is also another great problem. So, check the instruction book and use the proper lubricant. Over-lubrication leads to your trailer’s part being jammed. It can create excessive pressure and high temperature and harms the trailer. So, use perfect viscosity lubricant in a preferable amount. 

Discard mixing lubrication, wrong lubricant, and lubricant contamination also to avoid the problem from the root.

4. Air Trapped in the System

When the air takes place in your trailer’s Hydraulic system, it distrusts the actuator and slows its activity. The trapper air created a compressor on the system and jammed the trailer. Thus, you may fail to up or down your trailer.

To remove the air from the system, you can expose the bleed valve and let out the hydraulic fuel completely. If you get a foamy liquid, exchange the fuel with new fluid and refill it.

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5. Lack of Maintenance

Maintenance is essential for your trailer. Cleaning, proper storing, and avoiding contact with moisture can ensure your trailer’s longevity and better performance. The lack of maintenance on your trailer also corrupts the trailer parts and sticks the jack.

6. Loose Screws, Nuts

loose screws and nut bolts are the general reason the jack’s movement is disturbing. Its solution is also simple. Before using it, check and tighten all joints.

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What are the Signs Your Trailer Jack Needs Repair?

Without sticking problems, there are many other issues that can disturb your trailer jack performance. If it doesn’t get properly repaired at the perfect time, the damage may increase. Thus, it will shorten your trailer jack’s lifespan. 

Every appliance, over time, loses its efficiency; a similar goes for Trailer Jack. But its perfect maintenance and services will raise the length of the trailer jack. 

With regular maintenance, you need to take care of your trailer jack’s other issues. Then according to the issue, as soon as you need to solve them.  The signs that confirm that the trailer jack needs repairing are below.

  • Damaged Frame: a damaged frame may not bear overload and can destroy your jack properly. 
  • Foamy Fluid: foamy liquid refers to water that has penetrated the system. If on time you will not fix it, it will create great internal damage. 
  • Fluid Leakage: leaking fluid indicates potential problems and needs proper examination.
  • Rams won’t Lift: when rams fail to respond, it refers to a lack of hydraulic. You need to refill the system with a new hydraulic. Otherwise, it will fail to lift things.
  • Damaged or Squeaky Wheels: Excessive sound issue from wheels means it’s time to exchange them. 
  • Handle Kicks Return; if the handle kick-back, stop the jack using. It can be dangerous for you. In such a situation, a professional repairer may help you mostly.
  • Safety Valve: Safety valve issue due to Overload jack trips- safety valves engage whenever the load is too heavy. And lead the jack-lifting stop. You can reset it by following manual instructions.

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A manual trailer jack is a fantastic tool for lifting heavy items. Some relatable questions that you may have as a user are below presented. The short answers help maintain the trailer jack and guide you to solutions.

How often should you lubricant a trailer jack?

Before every tow, you must lubricate the trailer’s jack every 10000 to 12000 miles. But this amount modifies or depends on some factors – overload, extreme heat, trailer size, etc. But in most of the trailer’s cases, you can follow it.

How do you fix an overextended trailer jack?

At use, it can happen that your trailer jack overextended. The below tips help you to fix it.
• To get the jack to free back up, you can manually spin the interior tube of it.
• Next, retract or lower the jack after it has trapped the gears again.

How do I know if my trailer bearings need grease? 

To know whether your trailer bearings require grease, you must place your hand on every wheel hub. If you get too warm, you can confirm that the bearing may be bad or not enough to work. And your trailer needs lubrication. 

When should I service my trailer?

You commonly need to give service to your trailer twice a year. Please check your appliance instruction book. Otherwise, you can follow each – 6 month’s service term. 


The trailer jack is an incredible invention to lift heavy things (cars, buses, or others). Though it offers terrific service, it doesn’t mean it is out of problems. 

Like other machines, sometimes some reasons may jam your manual trailer jack. In this article, I try to present the issues behind it. 

After learning them, you can easily find the solution and prevention of this sticking problem of your trailer jack. But if you are unsure and don’t have much time, then call experts to do it for you.

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