Rhinoflex Vs Revolution: Which One Should You Pick and Why?

Are you wondering about choosing the best sewer hose for your RV? You have come across two decent options from Camco: the Rhinoflex and the Revolution. But, you have to determine the best option for your recreational vehicle (RV).

The core difference between Rhinoflex and Revolution sewer hoses is flexibility. The Rhinoflex can maintain its shape while moving, but the Revolution can’t do too much. In addition, the average price of Revolution is less than the Rhinoflex sewer hose on an RV.

There are still too many facts to consider to determine the proper hose for your RV. And this article will help you figure out the real all you should know regarding Rhinoflex vs Revolution. So, keep on reading.


Rhinoflex Vs Revolution: Comparison Table

When buying a sewer hose for an RV, you must search for some features. You should only buy the sewer hose which best matches your expectations and what experts recommend. Therefore, a comparison makes a lot of sense comparing Rhinoflex and Revolution.

Comparison FactsRhinoflexRevolution
DurabilityImpressive durabilityAverage durability
Ease of useEasy to notNot very much easy to use
PriceA bit pricey.Less expensive
FlexibilityLess flexibleMore flexible (Floppy)
MaterialsPlastic polymer blend with steel wire reinforcementMade of heavy-duty vinyl.
Thickness (Mils)2315
Storage Measurement4 ¼” diagram at the widest part4 ¼” diagram at the widest part
Compressed Length (every 10 feet)34.5”23”

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What Are The Differences Between Rhinoflex and Revolution Sewer Hose?

Now it’s time to elaborate on the abovementioned comparison facts for you. The below section will provide you with a lot of ease in choosing one sewer hose from Rhinoflex and Revolution.  

1. Flexibility

Flexibility can be a key consideration when choosing the best sewer hose. Comparing the Rhinoflex sewer hose with the Revolution, the revolution is more flexible. 

This means you can put Revolution into the storage totes more easily as it compacts down smaller (more floppy)  than the Rhinoflex. 

However, as the Rhinoflex can hold its shape, you also won’t face too much trouble when it comes to storing it. 

And, when you think about keeping the sewer hose somewhere else except storage totes, you will find a lot of ease doing so with the Rhinoflex. 

The Revolution can’t hold its shape too much except by being too floppy and more like a slinky at the same time.

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2. Durability

You might never want to spend your money too frequently to buy a sewer hose. Now, if we compare the Rhinoflex with the Revolution in terms of durability, the Rhinoflex will be well ahead.

Moreover, the Rhinoflex is designed to last throughout the season.

On the other hand, the Revolution might be perfect for use in a particular season. The Revolution is for seasonal use, whereas the Rhinoflex crosses this boundary. It is great for full-time RVers. 

3. Ease of Use

You need to feel good no matter what type of sewer hose you use. Besides, you must find efficiency when using the sewer hose. In all these cases, the Camco Rhinoflex is one level up compared to the Revolution. 

The Rhinoflex comes with impressive fittings and a clear elbow, and you can see the liquid flow inside the hose because of the see-through elbow. In addition, the Rhinoflex is way more lightweight, making it easier to use.

On the other hand, you will find the Camco Revolution harder to work with. But this doesn’t mean it is not a reliable sewer hose.

4. Price

We have seen a slight price difference between the Camco Rhinoflex and Revolution. You can buy the Rhinoflex by spending approximately 40$- $45.

On the other hand, the Revolution has a slightly lower price point. In order to buy a Revolution sewer hose, you might need to spend $15-$35.

Note: This is an average price range. The pricing can vary based on the sellers.

5. Build Materials 

The Camco Rhinoflex is made with a superficial Plastic polymer blend with steel wire reinforcement by Camco manufacturing which is known to be more reliable. That’s the reason why Rhinoflex can provide consistent service over the years. 

On the other hand, the Revolution is made of heavy-duty vinyl. Besides, it has metal rings to hold its shape a little bit. However, the plastic polymer blend or power oily fin is regarded as more superficial than the vinyl.

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Rhinoflex Vs Revolution: Which Sewer Hose to Choose?

The Camco Rhinoflex is widely used by RV owners due to its outstanding performance. Its features, such as its secure connection, durability, and quality of the materials used. 

Additionally, the Camco Rhinoflex is much easier to install. When it comes to maintenance the Rhinoflex is also better than the Revolution. This makes the Rhinoflex a great choice for RV owners who want to save time and money when it comes to their plumbing needs.

Unless you think about saving some money and don’t feel the need of plumbing on your RV throughout the year, you can pick the Revolution.

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Frequently Asked Questions 

It will be much better if you know what other people often ask when choosing between Rhinoflex and Revolution. You might have the same sort of concern as well.

How Long of a Sewer Hose Do I Need for RV?

Choosing a sewer hose with a length of around 15-20 feet is always better. You will find the best sewer hoses come with this length. However, anything between 10-15 feet can be OK. But, a length lower than 10 feet is not recommended.

Can You Connect 2 RV Rhinoflex Sewer Hoses?

Yes, it is possible to connect the two Rhinoflex sewer hoses. To perform the task, you need to use the hose coupler. Doing so will increase the length of the sewer hose, and fluid can flow in the right direction where you want.

Which Sewer Hose Can Be Used for a Long Time Between Rhinoflex and Revolution?

If you are looking forward to having an all-season sewer hose for your RV, you should go with the Rhinoflex. The Rhinoflex sewer hose is considered a full-season sewer hose because of its durability. The Revolution is designed for seasonal campaigns. 

Are Rhinoflex and Revolution Made for Extreme Conditions?

Unfortunately, the Rhinoflex and the revolution are not for extreme conditions. This means when the condition is too hot or too cold, you won’t be able to use any of them. However, you can choose  Rhino Extreme for campaigning in extreme conditions.

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