4 Common Problems with Winnebago Forza [Solutions Included]


RVs (recreational vehicles) are similar to homes. Just like your actual home, which may run into issues such as a faulty plug or blown fuse, the Winnebago Forza is likely to run into the same issues. 

Some issues are minor and can be fixed with a DIY approach, while for major issues, you need an expert. The most common issues with Winnebago Forza RV include, but are not limited to, battery issues, faulty oven and refrigerators, AC power problems, and the Winnebago RV Slide problem.

In the rest of the article, we will have every bit of detail about these issues. We will also discuss the causes, symptoms, and simple fixes to the Winnebago Forza problems. Keep reading!


What Are The Common Problems With The Winnebago Forza?

Winnebago Feroza runs into many issues besides the ones we mentioned earlier. Some issues are common and have a simple fix. Consequently, you can avoid paying the mechanic’s salary.  

Here is a list of some common issues that owners often encounter. The straightforward solutions to these issues will be covered later in this article. Keep reading.

  1. Chassis Batteries Keep Dying
  2. The Oven is Not Working
  3. No Power to AC
  4. Slide Out Problem

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How Do You Troubleshoot and Fix Winnebago Forza RV Problems?

When the Winnebago issue appears, the best course of action is to get to know the origin of the issue. As soon as you identify the precise cause, the problem is quickly resolved, even if the method for doing so differs slightly.

As stated, some issues are quite simple and can be fixed independently. Also, there are simple fixes for those issues.  On the other hand, you must get professional help for major problems. 

Problem 1: Chassis Batteries Keep Dying

The battery issue is a frequent occurrence. There are two kinds of battery house batteries and chassis batteries. These batteries are the source of DC or direct current. 

A battery is needed to power necessary elements like a refrigerator or microwave because it is a source of electric energy. A dead or defective battery will not be able to distribute power, leaving the components with no power.

What are the causes of the chassis battery Keep Dying?

Battery drain or lack of maintenance are the common reasons for Forza RV’s battery dying. The other causes include the following:

  • The battery hasn’t been charged for a while.
  • The battery is getting old and gets weak
  • Corroded wire

How to Fix the Forza Chassis Battery Issue

One simple fix is to replace the old one. However, before you do that, make sure you load test the current one. A load test determines if the battery is OK. The other strategy includes the following:

Simple Fix one:

You can simply pull the ground to the engine start battery or remove the negative from the battery cable.

Simple Fix Two:

Another easy method for preventing battery drain is adding a tiny disconnect and opening both battery strings at the negative post of the battery.

How Much Does It Cost to Fix the Forza Chassis Battery Issue?

Depending on the size, quality, and many other factors, the cost of replacing a battery is between $300 and $800. Perhaps all you need to do is replace the wire. In that case, the expense will be minimal. Additionally, a professional will charge by the hour to complete the task.

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Problem 2: Oven is Not Working

The Winnebago RVs two most important appliances are the oven and refrigerator. Any malfunction or failure of these essential appliances adds discomfort to the outdoor or tour experience.

What are the causes of the chassis oven not working?

Like other RVs, the Winnebago Forza has two electrical sources. The 12-Volt DC systems are powered by the house and chassis battery, whereas the 120-Volt AC systems are powered by generators or other power sources, including solar panels.

The oven requires a 120-volt power source. When the power supply is interrupted, the oven cannot receive the required electricity to function properly. Although there may be other factors, the most obvious cause of Winnebago Forza’s oven malfunction is a lack of power.

How to Fix the Winnebago Forza Oven Issue

If the oven is faulty, the best way to fix the error is to replace the old oven with the new one. The other simple, simple fixes include the following: 

Simple Fix 1:

As stated, if the oven is not working due to a lack of power, ensure that the roof AC is working. 

Simple Fix 2:

You have to check the breaker of the converter. For the smooth transfer of electricity, the breakers must be turned on.

How Much Does it Cost to Fix the Oven Issue?

The cost of fixing the issue depends on the amount given to the mechanic and the cost of replacement parts. If the converter is faulty, replace it. Well, we do not know the current price. Check online or at any local store.

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Problem 3: No Power to AC

Often Winnebago Forza has no power to AC. Sometimes the washer has no power, but surprisingly, every other place has power. Maybe you have checked your breaker, but it does not work. Keep reading to find out the reason and simple fix for this issue.

What are the causes of the Winnebago Forza No power to the AC?

It is difficult to determine the precise cause of the problem. Faulty generators, circuit breakers, or fuses contribute to the problem. 

  • Tripping Breaker 
  • A faulty or loose fuse
  • Maybe a connection to the fuse box is faulty
  • Faulty connection to the DC batteries

How to Fix Forza No Power to the AC

Fixing this issue does not have any straightforward solution because you must know the reason precisely. The answer is obvious once you know the cause precisely.

People typically check every possible switch, fuse, and breaker. Additionally, they change power sources, such as switching from a generator to shore power. Unfortunately, it ends up not solving the issue. Here is what you can do:

Simple Fix

Resetting GFI may fix the issue. The GFI may go wrong, so use a multimeter to check it. GFI needs the power to reset. You can check the breaker switch and switch to the shore power. 

After doing this, if the GFCI still has no power, check the plug. Now fire the generator and hit the GFI. Hopefully,  the GFI will reset, and the AC issue will no longer exist.

How Much Does it Cost to Fix the Power Issue?

The cost of fixing the power issue depends on the severity of the issue. Electrical problems often require special attention and the hands of an expert. Usually, the per hour cost of an expert is somewhere between $75 and $150.

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Problem 4: Slide Out Problem

A jumping slide or a slide that does not move smoothly. If you are new to these issues, you probably have bought the new Forza. RV owners frequently experience these slide-out problems. The sliding issue needs to be taken care of to avoid the inconvenience of driving.

What Caused the Winnebago Slide Issue?

Slide out requires electricity to function properly. If there is any issue, like a blown fuse or poor wiring, the moving part will not get enough power to move. The other possible causes include the following. 

  • If there is any misalignment
  • If something blocked the way
  • Both ends have Crack

How to Fix the Winnebago RV Slide Out Problem?

One simple repair strategy is to replace the slide mechanism. There are many reasons for the issue, so here is the fixing strategy. The solution is not a big deal if you know the exact reason. The strategy to resolve the issue can be:

The Other Fixing Strategy

There are motor housings on both sides of the slide. Sometimes they crack. If so, you have to replace the crack. Even though this problem is thought to be very straightforward and frequently occurs, you cannot wait too long without resolving it.

How Much Does it Cost to Fix the Slide Out Issue?

If you have a warranty, you may contact the dealership. They will solve the issue. If you replace the sliding mechanism, then the question is how many you want to change. The cost actually depends on the severity of the issue.


Just like other RVs, the Winnebago Forza RV may have problems, as you already know from the discussion above. As the owner, you find it frustrating to watch the issue develop. 

However, you must keep your cool and educate yourself on the issue rather than become agitated. Most common RV issues can be fixed with a straightforward approach.

We have talked about some typical Winnebago RV problems and their simple solutions. You can broaden your search and get a simpler fix for the issue.

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