5 Common Problems with Bighorn RV and How to Fix Them?

Bighorn RVs are widely popular for their extreme reliability and comfortability. Despite being the foremost choice for most venturers, Bighorn RVs can be making trouble on the road.

The most common Bighorn RV problems are electrical issues, leaking ice makers, wheel and tire issues, water leakages, and propane leakage. These are pretty easy to solve and fix.

Fret not if your RV is facing these issues. The following article covers all the Common Bighorn RV Problems & Solutions.


What Are The Common Problems With Bighorn RV?

Bighorn RVs are well built and equipped to survive even the harshest environments. But a few common problems continue to persist, which annoy most owners. Here we have handpicked the most common issues most RV owners face.

  1. Electrical issues
  2. Leaking ice makers
  3. Wheel and tire issues
  4. Water leakages
  5. Propane leakage

How Do You Troubleshoot and Fix Bighorn RV Problems?

The first step to troubleshooting your RV problem is identifying and detecting the issue. You have to look for the symptoms, like what is affecting your RV directly or what could be affecting the RV indirectly. Here are the most common Bighorn RV problems anyone can face.

Problem 1: Electrical Issues

A Bighorn RV is heavily maintained by electricity. The lights, furnace, air conditioner, and every electrical component can suffer from sudden electrical failures.

Electrical issues can be severe, primarily if they affect the ignition or transmission. It is most likely due to electrical issues if you are experiencing light-outs, sudden power cuts, and problems operating electrical components.

What Causes Electrical Issues On Bighorn RV?

Most often, electrical issues are caused by wiring issues or voltage problems. Sometimes battery problems can disrupt electricity. Here are the prime causes of electrical issues in your RV:

  • Issues in fuses and breakers
  • Problems occurring in the 12-volt system
  • Issues in power sources
  • Abnormal current draws in appliances
  • Physical damage to components

How To Fix Electrical Issues On Bighorn RV?

There are a couple of ways to diagnose and fix electrical issues in your RV. Apply these strategies to see if they solve your problems:

Strategy One: Identify the Blown Fuse

The first step to solving electrical issues is to examine and read the electricity usage. If the fuses blow out, take the reading using a meter. It should identify and display the blown fuse. 

Strategy Two: Check The Fuse and Breaker

Check the fuses and breakers. Ensure the breakers are turned on or not. Look for any faults or physical damage in your electric components.

How Much Does It Cost To Fix Electrical Issues On Bighorn RV?

You can find a variety of fuses and breakers on the market. Most of the fuses range from $2 to up to $65. The breakers usually range from $10 to $50.

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Problem 2: Ice Makers Leak

Ice makers are a lifesaver in an RV. Especially in hot weather, an ice maker can make a massive difference in the comfortability of your journey. The usual symptoms of a faulty ice maker are leaking water, not freezing correctly, or taking a long time to freeze ice.

What Causes Ice Maker Leaks On Bighorn RV?

Electrical surges and physical damage often cause issues in ice makers. Here are a couple of common issues that cause problems in ice makers.

  • Electrical fault
  • Insufficient water supply
  • Freezing component failure

How To Fix Ice Maker Leaks On Bighorn RV?

Fixing any ice maker leaking issue usually requires checking the water valve and supply tank. Follow these steps to detect issues in your ice maker.

Stage One:

Access the bottom vent to check for faults in your ice maker. After that, detach the main panel. Try to look for problems within the water valve.

Stage Two:

You should spot a blueish water valve in the chamber. Check water supplies. Replace the water valve if it does not supply water. Use a multimeter to identify any type of electrical fault.

How Much Does It Cost To Fix Ice Maker Issues On Bighorn RV?

If your ice maker is completely busted, you need to buy a new one and install it. A brand new ice maker can cost up to $550. But you can get a decent ice maker within the range of $150 to $250.

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 Problem 3: Water Leaks

Bighorn RVs have a terrible reputation regarding their bad drainpipe. This drainpipe is notorious for leaking. The water can pour into the trunk, carpet, and whatnot.

Due to water leaks, the water may also cause flooding in the toilet. Any water leakage will harm the RV’s floor and carpeting. Water can also induce molding and deterioration of the floor.

What Causes Water Leaks On Bighorn RV?

Damaged pipes or extreme water pressure mainly cause water leaks in Bighorn RV. Sometimes loose hoses or taps can result in water leaking. Here are the prime reasons behind running water leaks in your RV:

  • Drainage pipe leaks
  • Excessive water pressure
  • Loosen pipes
  • Faulty toilet system
  •  Loose taps

How To Fix Water Leaks On Bighorn RV?

You have to check for leaks in the pipes and water lines. Tighten the pipe and lines immediately if you find one. Look for leaky taps that may need repairing.

If you notice any holes in the water lines, fix them as soon as possible. Check for internal damages and corrosion. If found, replace the water pipes as soon as possible. Keeping the water leakage unchecked will result in a stinky smell and fungus infection.

How Much Does It Cost To Fix Water Leaks On Bighorn RV?

If the toilet system is faulty, it will need to be replaced. Depending on the quality, the price may range from $150 to $1000. Fixing pipes and taps may cost around $100.

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Problem 4: Tire and Wheel Problems

Like every other object, Bighorn RV tires start to lose their integrity and performance. Tire and wheel issues concern a considerable amount of RV owners. The tires and wheel bearing may also fail in the RV.

Tire and wheel problems can be hazardous and annoying. Not only does it hamper your trip, but it also increases the chances of accidents. You need to address the issue as soon as possible.

What Causes Tire and Wheel Issues On Bighorn RV?

There could be multiple reasons behind a tire or wheel failure. A few of them could be:

  •  Extreme heat can damage the tires and bearings
  • Excessive air pressure or low air pressure
  • Crossing the speed limit too often
  •  Incapable brake discs

How To Fix Tires and Wheel Issues On Bighorn RV?

Always be sure to check the tire pressure before venturing out. The right amount of pressure will keep you safe from sudden tire malfunctions. Keep the pressure to the optimal limit.

If your tires and wheels are too hot, let them cool down before running on the road again. Check the RV tire’s speed limit and rating. Do not Overspeed your RV.

Try to replace the brake disc if it fails to operate correctly. Tighten the screws on the wheels to make sure they are correctly locked.

How Much Does It Cost To Fix Tires and Wheel Issues On Bighorn RV?

You may need to replace and change the wheel bearings in case of irreparable damage. Wheel bearings can cost a fortune. Each may cost up to $350 per wheel.

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Problem 5: Propane Leak Problems

One of the most hazardous and fatal accidents in an RV is propane leakage. Cracks or openings in the propane pipe that carries propane may be the primary cause of propane leakage.

A propane leakage might result in a massive explosion or fire accident that can fatally injure you or your passengers. Propane is very flammable and can catch fire within seconds.

Propane leakage can be a severe problem if it gets leaked in a considerable amount. Propane can harm your lungs. Propane leak sensors can detect propane leakage.

What Causes Propane Leaking On Bighorn RV?

Cracks or openings in the propane pipe that carries propane may be the primary cause of propane leakage. However, some other reasons could be as follows:

  • Crack in the propane line
  • Fracture in propane tank
  • Faulty sealings

How To Fix Propane Leaking On Bighorn RV?

Always be wary of smelly odor in your RV. A sign of propane leakage is a foul odor. Keep your propane tank up to date and maintained.

The pipelines that carry propane to the engine may get damaged. Check these lines for potential leaks. You can use soapy bubbly water to check for leaks.

In case of finding a leak, turn off your propane system and get to replace the pipes. An annual RV propane leak test is advised. A professional should check the propane tank once a year. If you have a tank older than seven years, replace it.

How Much Does It Cost To Fix Propane Leaks On Bighorn RV?

If you are looking to replace the whole propane tank, it should cost you around $100. You can try to replace the tank yourself or get help from a professional. The latter should cost you some extra bucks, but it will be much safer.


Bighorn RVs have primarily positive reviews, and thanks to their affordability, Bighorn RVs are widely popular. The condition of your RV and the frequency of problems occurring entirely depends on your upkeep and maintenance. 

Even if you maintain our RV very frequently, it is not abnormal for issues to arise. You can easily tackle these issues by confronting a few simple methods. These common problems often do not require much expertise and cost to fix. You can do it yourself.

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