5 Most Common Problems with Arctic Fox Fifth Wheel

An Arctic Fox Fifth Wheel is a great vehicle to enjoy an exciting weekend outdoors or a long road trip. However, it starts to show various problems with time. Sometimes, new cars also point to multiple symptoms. Do you know about the Arctic Fox Fifth Wheel problems?

Damaged rooftops, electric appliances issues, and tire and braking problems are the prime problems you’ll face with a fifth wheel. Toilet problems and external wall deterioration occur with time. If there’s a leak in the water line, the vehicle’s interior suffers the most.

Fixing these usual fifth-wheel problems isn’t tough. But these issues become severe if you don’t take care of them in time. You should contact an expert mechanic to fix these Arctic Fox Fifth Wheel-related issues.


What Are The Common Arctic Fox Fifth Wheel Problems?

The Arctic Fox Fifth Wheel comes with many advantages. But it exhibits various issues with time. Knowing them firsthand helps to find an easy solution. You can follow this detailed elaboration if you’re unaware of them.

1. Damaged Rooftop

Generally, extreme heat is the prime reason behind the damage to the rooftop. It would help if you didn’t park your RV under the sun for a long time. It’ll affect the vehicle’s structure at the molecular level. 

Glues help to keep the roofing panel together. Consequently, extreme heat can form bubbles, hence damaging the roof. You should fix your arctic fox’s roof asap if it’s damaged by overheating. Before replacing the top with a new one, inspect the bubble formation rate. 

If you notice heavy bubble formation, install a new roof. It’ll cost you around $6,000. For minor bubble formation rates, you can fix the roof with adhesive.

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2. Electrical Issues

Electrical problems frequently occur in arctic fox vehicles. The issues vary depending on the cause. Sometimes it might be fuses or wirings. However, refrigerator, microwave, and AC problems are the prime electrical issues in an arctic fox vehicle.

The electrical system crumbles if your vehicle’s power source fails to deliver enough power. Faulty wirings and defective batteries are responsible for inadequate power supply.

Inspect the appliances while turning on the power source. The accessories will work when the power supply is ok. Then look at the 120V power supply of your fringe or AC. If none of them are working, these devices are out of date.

You must spend at least 100 bucks to fix appliance-related electrical problems. On the other hand, fixing damaged cables and USBs will cost you around $30.

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3. Weak Exterior Wall

Weak exterior walls are a red flag for your Arctic Fox Fifth Wheel. If you notice any symptoms like small lumps and a raised surface, you should fix it asap.

Generally, an Arctic Fox Fifth Wheel has a three-layered outer surface. These layers are made of wood and styrofoam. But excess heat can damage the outer wall and create lumps.

If you keep your RV under the sun for too long, the RV’s exterior and roof will pay the price. A water leak and damaged fiberglass can also affect the exterior wall’s health.

First, collect a delamination repair kit and a driller from a nearby store. Then, use the drill to drill holes in the plywood and Styrofoam section of the exterior wall. You must apply adhesives to the spots to repair them. After the glue has dried properly, repair the holes carefully. Once you’ve fixed them, remove the extra glue around the holes.

4. Broken Interior

Don’t be surprised if your fifth wheel’s interior wall breaks down due to continuous traveling. It’ll affect your water supply when the pump is running. Sometimes, the sudden pressure change in the pump might create leakages in the water line, making the interior wet.

Sometimes, excessive water can flood the RV’s basement. Not only will your arctic fox’s furniture rot, and the weather sealing won’t work accurately due to this issue.

It’s better to repair the interior before the problem worsens. You can use better sealing to avoid internal problems. Take your arctic fox RV to the nearest repair shop to insert quality sealing in the interior wall.

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5. Tire Problems

Tire issues are pretty common in an Arctic Fox. If the tire is in good shape, it won’t affect the RV’s movement. However, if you face the same issue, you should inspect the reasons quickly. 

Abrupt bumping and delayed braking response are the prime symptoms of damaged tires. An arctic fox’s fifth wheel weighs around 4,000 lbs. Consequently, resulting in the thinner tire and faster wearing. Off-road driving is another reason behind tire issues.

You must use gloves to check the tire pressure. If you observe less pressure in the tire, use a jack to lift the RV. With a wrench, take out the bolts. Then, change the tires and attach the bolts.

A mechanic will charge you $150 to install new tires. However, you should spend at least $200 to replace the tires and brakes.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you want to know more about the Arctic Fox Fifth Wheel? Well, here’re some frequently asked questions to learn more about this fantastic vehicle.

What is the fixing cost of an arctic fox power inverter?

Fixing an arctic fox power inverter will cost you $2,000 on average. However, the cost varies on the quality and the brand of the inverter; if you want to install a high-quality inverter, the price increases to 3,000.

Can I park my Arctic Fox Fifth Wheel under a tree?

Parking the fifth wheel under a tree is better than parking in extreme heat. Parking the RV under a tree will reduce the bubble formation rate. Your Arctic Fox Fifth Wheel’s roof top will last longer if you park it under a shade.

Does a tool wrench help to change tires quickly?

A tool wrench eases the tire’s changing process. Hence, you can quickly install new tires. You should use a set of wrenches if you know what you’re doing. Otherwise, a tool wrench is an ideal tool for the task.

Should I apply a clog buster in the toilet vent of my Arctic Fox Fifth Wheel?

A clog buster melts the debris inside the vent quickly. It’ll help you to clean the toilet and sink line in 30 minutes. However, it would help to inspect leakages in your Arctic Fox Fifth Wheel plumbing before applying the clog buster.


You must find a resolution for your Arctic Fox Fifth Wheel as soon as possible. Otherwise, a simple issue can affect other vehicle parts. Water leakage will cost you time and money.

We hope the discussion on the Arctic Fox fifth-wheel problems has provided you with the correct information. You should perform a routine check to avoid these problems. 

Clean the water lines timely to prevent basement flooding. Keep the vehicle under a shade to save the rooftop and the outer surface of the car.

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