5 Common Problems with Keystone Bullet and Their Solutions

If you own a Keystone RV but lack fundamental knowledge of RV repair, you will have to spend money on resolving common problems. Recent data indicates that the average hourly rate for a skilled RV mechanic is around $200. 

If you want to avoid spending money, you must be aware of the common RV issues and fixing strategies. The most common Keystone Bullet RV problems include, but are not limited to, slide-out seals coming off, ac is running but not cooling off, common electrical problems, leak issues, and door problems.

Later in this article, we will discuss these common issues in detail. Keep reading to find out more.


What are the Common Problems With the Keystone Bullet?

Some of the common Keystone Bullet RV issues have already been briefly mentioned.  However, you can broaden your search and identify some additional issues. Knowing about them and learning about some fixing strategies will be of great help. 

  1. Slide Out Seal Comes Off
  2. Ac is not Cooling Off
  3. Common Electrical Problems
  4. Leak Issues
  5. Bathroom Door and Tough Bad

5 Common Problems with Keystone Bullet and Ways to Deal with Them:

Troubleshooting RV issues requires performing a few more steps. Steps include knowing the reason behind the issue, the simplest way to resolve the issue, and solving the problem.

Problem 1: Keystone Bullet Slide Out Seal Comes Off

The symptoms include the slide’s various sections being almost entirely sealed off, particularly the area below or above the slide’s horizon. Also, there may be rust in the metal clip around the slide. 

Anyway, if you have faced the same issue and tried a different solution, but nothing has worked out, we have an easy fix for you. Keep reading.

What Caused the Keystone Bullet Slide Out Seals to Come Off Issue?

There are many reasons why a slide-out seal comes off. Among them, drying out is probably the main culprit. Water damage also plays a crucial role. Water allows the moisture to seep in and corrode the metal element.

How to Fix the Keystone Bullet Slide Out Seal Coming Off Issue?

Water allows moisture to seep in and damage the metal element. It happens, especially when the rubber is open. You can put the silicone to avoid the water let in. 

Replace the Slide Out Seal:

There is a seal on the slide-out. The seal pulls away from the trim if the clips holding it in place are damaged or rusted out. If you replace the slide-out seal, but the trim is still present, clean all the adhesive off the trim before pressing the new seal with decor.

How Much Does it Cost to Fix the Seals Coming Off Issue?

If you replace the slide-out seal and follow a DIY approach to solve the issue, the only cost is the cost of the new seal.

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Problem 2: KeyStone Bullet AC is not Cooling Off

An owner complained that even though the camper was set to 83 degrees when he turned on the air conditioning, it wouldn’t cool off. As long as your vents are releasing 55-degree air, that indicates the system is running fine. 

Other common problems experienced by Keystone owners include a broken air conditioner or dust coming out of the vents. Every problem requires a unique way to solve the issue. Here we will deal with why the Keystone Bullet AC is not cooling off.

What caused the Keystone Bullet cooling-off issue?

The thermostat may be the primary culprit here. If the AC has a leaked freon, it will no longer cool. Additionally, see if the quick cool dump vents are open. If so, there is a big chance that cold air will flow into the other area under the AC. 

How to Fix the Keystone Bullet Cooling Issue?

This strategy works if the issue is due to the thermostat. First, you must change the set temperature and see if the compressor clicks on. Depending on the situation, you will hear two kinds of sounds. The two types of sound are either a more laborious or spinning sound.

A laboring compressor sound indicates a leaked freon that leads to the ac unit no longer cooling. Additionally, verify the compressor’s amperage. Too low amperage indicates a freon issue, and too high amperage indicates a defective compressor.

How Much Does It Cost to Fix the Cooling Issue?

Generally speaking, most parts of RV air conditioning are a bit difficult to repair. So the best strategy is to replace the old one.

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Problem 3: Keystone Bullet Common Electrical Problems

Common symptoms of the electric problem include the ac not working, the refrigerator not working, or dim refrigerator light, or no power at all. Unlike other problems, electrical problems should be taken seriously. Also, unlike other common issues, electrical issues need to be fixed by a professional.

What are the causes of the Keystone Bullet electrical issue? 

A bad battery is the most likely cause of an electrical problem in an RV or any other vehicle.  The converter itself and the power cable that comes with it are both very important. The malfunctioning fuse is something else to consider. If one or more fuses are damaged, you risk experiencing an electrical problem.

How to Fix the Keystone Bullet Electrical Issue?

To solve any electrical issue. The first job is to get to the root cause of the issue. You may need a multimeter to test the different elements. For example, if the AC is not getting power, you can do the following:

Turn on your power. Next, examine the breaker. Go to the main panel now, and examine the breaker.  Your converter has a breaker as well; make sure you check it as well. Make sure the breaker isn’t tripped. As a last resort, make sure all the appliances are powered up.

How Much Does it Cost to Fix the Keystone Bullet Electricity Issue?

As we have stated, the main source of the issue is the battery. If it needs to be replaced, deep cycle RV batteries require more money than the normal ones. If replacing fuses fixes the issue, the cost will be minimal. 

In addition, since most of the electrical issues require professional help, if the dealer’s warranty is not available, you have to pay the mechanic’s charge.

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Problem 4: Keystone Bullet Leaking Issues

Leaking issues include leaks in the roof, plumbing leaks, gas leaks, or slide-out leaks. It does not matter what type; a leak is always bad for your bullet. When there is a leak, water damages other important things in the vehicle. 

The symptoms of leaks are pretty obvious. A wet floor or dam wall is a common place to look. Though the leak is considered a minor issue, it should be taken seriously, and necessary steps should be taken very soon.

What caused the leak issue in the keystone bullet?

If the leak is on the roof, maybe a leaking caulk is the culprit. Age and physical damage also play a crucial role in the leaky roof. 

If the leak is in the plumbing, a loose-fitting or damaged water line is the most likely reason for the leak. Most often, keystone bullets have complaints about slides and roof leaks. 

How To Fix The Leak Issue in the Keystone Bullet?

Since there can be different types of leaks, the strategy for fixing them will be different as well. 

Simple Fix 1: Use Silicone Caulk

For roof leaks, you can simply use decor or silicone caulk. Silicon caulk seals the joints and seams perfectly. Make sure you seal every joint. Also, check the roof every 6 months for probable leaks.

Simple Fix 2: Inspect the Leaky Pipe

If the leak is in the water line, locate the leaky pipe or line and repair or replace it.

How Much Does it Cost to Fix the Issue?

You need a plumber to fix the water line leak. However, the leaky roof issue can be solved on your own.  You need only silicon caulk to fix the issue.

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Problem 5: Keystone Bullet Bathroom Door and Tough Bad

Due to a lack of space, you may find it difficult to open and close the door completely, especially if there is more than one bathroom in the Keystone Bullet. 

In addition, your bed might not completely enclose your body due to a lack of room. Though these two are built-in or manufacturer’s faults, you can fix them.

What Caused the Door and Bad Issues in the Keystone Bullet?

As we have mentioned earlier, these problems are built-in or manufacturing faults. So there is no apparent reason for these issues.

How to Fix Door and Bad Issue in the Keystone Bullet?

Remove additional instruments so you can extend the bed a little more. On the other hand, you can cut your door to make it short. So the door can be closed and opened without any hassle.

How Much Does it Cost To Fix the Door and the Bad Issue?

To solve the issue, you do not have to bear too much cost. If the door has to be cut, you will need a hand saw. 


So now you have the idea of the common keystone bullet problems and solutions. You can also broaden your search and find other issues and simple fixes.

Possessing fundamental repair knowledge and abilities is always a good idea. Basic skills let you resolve the issues on your own. Except for some electrical issues, the most common issues can be solved by yourself.

We believe the information about the common Keystone Bullet and solutions was helpful, and your RV is back on the road.

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