Most Common Sumo Spring Problems & The Ways to Deal

If you want smooth drives, you must ensure the Sumo spring on your vehicle functions properly. However, unfortunately, you might have to deal with some uneven problems with the Sumo spring, and you should resolve the issues to avoid damaging your vehicle. Before that you have to find out the possible issues.

Multiple issues can cause Sumo Spring problems. Among them, the most prominent are stiffer rides when underloaded, loose fastener bolts, and wear and tear. You need first to check and then fix these issues to have well-functioning Sumo springs.

No worries. There aren’t too many issues. Here, in this article, we will show you how to address and fix the issues that cause Sumo spring problems. So, keep reading!


3 Most Common Sumo Spring Problems & The Ways to Deal:

There is fame for Sumo spring because of its effectiveness and exceptional performance. So, needless to say, this is one of the best suspension enhancements. But you still might need to deal with some issues regarding it.

1. Stiffer Ride When Underloaded

This has been an objection of a good number of Sumo spring users who have used this suspension product for a long time. When a vehicle is overloaded or close to overload, the Sumo spring doesn’t tend to cause any issues. 

Instead, the ride quality becomes smoother in this case. However, when a vehicle remains underload, the problem occurs. 

And, in most cases, the ride, no matter what type of road we are thinking about, becomes a lot stiffer even though the Sumo spring has a soft initial engagement. Here the load indicates anything weight under GVWR).

There is nothing you can do with the Sumo spring in this case. Rather, you must ensure you put enough load on your vehicle. But what if you don’t need to put on weight? 

In this case, it will be far better if you weigh the wheel position. It could reduce the stiffer ride.

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2. Uneven Wear Out

Surprised? Yes, even if the Sumo spring is not made of plastic, chances are the suspension product can wear out unexpectedly. However, you will find a replacement for the spring if worn out, and you use the exact vehicle.

But, frequent wear out of the Sumo spring might create disturbance as you must repeatedly change it.

In order to get rid of the issue, the Sumo spring needs a little bit of maintenance. Though the manufacturer denotes, no maintenance is required. 

However, taking care of the suspension product is better if you want it to last long. 

3. Spring Fastener Bolts Failure

Regardless of the type of vehicle or motor home you wonder about, the issue of spring fastener bolt failure is common regarding Sumo springs. In most cases, the spring bolt’s fasteners become loose, and the spring might come out of the bracket. 

And when this happens, the Sumo spring can’t carry the car’s load properly and ultimately causes itself to be damaged. The fastener bolt failure can occur on both sides of; the rear wheel and front wheel. 

One of the core reasons the bolt fasteners become loose is that the Sumo spring might extend more.

How to Fix:

In most cases, if the fastener bolt failure occurs or the bracket is broken, you will get the replacement under warranty. Additionally, you must ensure the Sumo spring is not hyper-extended. 

And if the issue becomes too frequent, you can use suspension-limiting straps

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Can You Drive Your Vehicle with Sumo Spring Failure?

Sumo Springs are an essential component of your vehicle’s suspension system, and when they fail, they can cause significant damage to your vehicle.

So, it is always better to avoid driving with Sumo spring failure. Often, the bolt fastener on the bracket of the Sumo spring becomes loose. Or, chances are, the spring comes out from its actual position. 

And, in this scenario, if you continue driving your vehicle, you can’t benefit from the sumo spring. 

Moreover, Sumo spring failure disallows you to get the most out of it and increases the chance of suspension damage. At the end of the day, the springs are used to reduce sag and stable your vehicle. 

If they malfunction, it is wise not to drive your car, at least offroad, until you fix issues related to them.

The customer service of Sumo spring is impressive. So, let the manufacturer know no matter what type of problem you face regarding your Sumo Spring.

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Frequently Asked Questions

To be honest, a good number of people always share positive reviews regarding Sumo Spring. However, some people still have concerns as well, and they often ask questions about the issue.

When Should You Replace the Sumo Spring on Your Vehicle?

It depends on the condition of the spring. However, you should immediately replace the spring if there is wear, damage, or broken mounting brackets. You shouldn’t take any of these issues lightly.

Will You Get a Lifetime Warranty With the Sumo Spring?

Yes, you will get a limited lifetime warranty with the Sumo spring. However, it depends on the type of issues you’re currently facing. For example, access wear falls under the radar of a lifetime warranty.

Are Sumo Springs Bump Stops?

Yes, you can replace the SumoSprings with the bump stops on your vehicle. Sumo Springs are designed to provide additional support to your vehicle’s suspension, allowing for greater control and improved ride quality.

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Final Words

There is clarity to the fact that Sumo spring can take your ride experience to the next level. However, when you experience any issues with the suspension enhancement, ensure you take enough time to check and fix the issue, regardless of how light the issues seem.

Sumo spring problems have been introduced previously. And, in most cases, you can witness them if you need to be more careful about how you drive, especially regarding off-road. Only when it is possible to ensure a smooth drive, no matter how much weight your vehicle carries.

As most issues related to the Sumo spring can be warranted, you shouldn’t modify the spring. Instead left the job to the manufacturer or dealer.

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