Where Can I Find My RV Paint Code Location (Answered)

Is it seems to be a back-breaking effort for you to find the RV paint code location? Well, it happens if you aren’t well aware of each component of your recreational vehicle. I’ve even seen some pro RV users too asking about the actual spot of the paint code!

Frankly speaking, there is no definite RV paint code location as each brand and model serves different individual spots. For instance, 2006 Holiday Rambler Vacationer locates the paint code underneath the driver’s seat, while Fleetwood 2000 locates the paint code inward of the cabinets’ door. 

For your convenience, I’ve listed down the paint code locations of 7 popular models. Let’s move forward to see which matches yours!


RV Paint Code Location Chart

If anybody asks, “Where can I find an RV paint location,” I’d say there is no straightforward answer. Why? Because each model of RV has its own unique spot to locate the paint code. Meaning, you need to go through the given chart to get familiar with them:

RV Brand & ModelPaint Code Location
2006 Holiday Rambler VacationerUnderneath the driver’s seat
2014 Forest River Berkshire 390RBLook at the door frame’s tag
Keystone 2006 Laredo 29RLInside of the screen door’s bottom
Fleetwood 2000 RVInside of the door of cabinets
Newmar Scottsdale 2004Kitchen cabinet door’s inner side
2012 Marcedes-Benz NCV3 Sprinter VanUnderneath the driver’s seat on a label
1994 Holiday Rambler NavigatorDriver seat’s base/kitchen cabinet door’s inner side

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Why Should I Need to Locate My RV Paint Code? 

In short, the paint code is an individual part combining essential proportions and ingredients to make the desired color for an RV. Depending on your RV type, you need to pick up the right color combinations, as formulas aren’t universal. 

Note that choosing inappropriate colors for your RV can drastically ruin its entire appearance. As a result, you must locate the RV paint code before you jump into painting both the interior and exterior.

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Is There Any Way to Detect the Paint Code from the VIN Number’s Location? 

Before you know the answer, it’s necessary to learn what VIN really is! In a nutshell, it stands for “vehicle identification number,” which consists of 17 characters in total. It works as a fingerprint to identify your car’s actual code. 

Talking about VIN’s location, it stands on either the insurance policy or the driver’s side dashboard. 

As you can see, the vehicle identification number’s location doesn’t match the location of the RV paint code. And note that the paint code’s location stands in a variety of different places. 

These include the inner side of the kitchen cabinet’s door, underneath the seat, the seat’s base, and so forth!

So, the straightforward answer is, you’ll have to detect the paint code and VIN location individually, as they don’t match each other.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Still in search of queries on RV paint code location? Here, I’ve come up with some random question-answers to help you get educated on it. Some answers are based on experts’ recommendations, which are as follows:

Instead of manually checking, what’s the alternative way to locate my RV paint code? 

Through the internet or consult the manufacturer directly, feel free to locate your RV’s paint code location. But that might be time-consuming and annoying at times because every RV manufacturer doesn’t appear to be so responsive. This means you may have to wait for a long time.

Isn’t it possible to use VIN in terms of finding the RV’s paint code location?

As you know, VIN and paint code locations don’t match each other. That said, by calling the dealer, you can ask for the actual paint code after telling the VIN of your RV. It may work at times, especially if you haven’t found yours yet!

Are Fleetwood RV paint code locations universal?

Not at all! In fact, each model of Fleetwood RV paint code comes in different individual spots. For this, you must locate all of them separately.
However, it’s equally true that most of their spots are either underneath the driver’s seat or inside the cabinets’ doors. 

Where can I find the Chevy Colorado RV paint code location? 

Finding the location of the Chevy Colorado RV paint code isn’t that difficult, as it locates around the service parts in most cases. But if you notice any exceptions, don’t think twice about consulting the dealer straight away. 

Is it really hard to locate the paint code of Leisure Travel Vans?

Due to having less online information and tutorials, it can be tough to locate the Leisure Travel Vans’ paint code. So I’d prefer to call the dealer directly for further queries.
Alternatively, you can check the manual because some models contain code-related information right there. 

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Wrapping Up! 

Finding the RV paint code location of some specific models has become a snap, especially if you’ve gone through the entire article. But the bitter truth is that you may have to do extra research if you aren’t a user of the above-mentioned RV models! 

I’d recommend checking the same spots (e.g. underneath the seat/around the cabinets’ door/door frame’s tag), even if your RV doesn’t match the above brands. Ask why? Because some RV enthusiasts claimed that those are some of the common and standard spots for the paint code. 

In addition, you can share the VIN with your dealers. In this way, they will get familiar with your RV’s actual model allowing you to know its real paint code.

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