How to Light a Suburban RV Oven? (Things You Need to Know)

When I go off-road with my suburban RV, I always ensure that my oven is working correctly. It makes my journey cozy, comfortable, and satisfactory. Plus, it saves me time in prepping my meals. So, how do I light my suburban RV oven?

Lighting a suburban RV oven is almost the same as lighting a domestic oven. You first turn on the propane gas level, then turn the knob to “PILOT,” and light it on the oven stove with a lighter or match.

Unfortunately, people often overlook the necessity of a well-functioning oven which is a bad mistake. Apart from lighting it, I have also shared some important tips that are necessary to know. So, let’s dive in!

How to Light a Suburban RV Oven?

You must push the start button if your RV has an automated or electronic lighting system. But, assuming you don’t have an automated oven like me, you need to follow the steps below.

Step 1: Inspect the connections and lines

The lines that come through or from the propane tank need to be tightly connected. I always look for leakages and loose connections to identify any faults. It helps me identify the faults with both my RV oven and stove.

Step 2: Start the propane gas

By turning the propane lever to the ON position, the tank ensures a gas supply to the oven stove. And this is how you start the propane gas. An additional safety tip I always follow is while starting the gas, I leave no fire nearby.

Step 3: Turn the knob to PILOT mode

When I am done starting the gas, I then press the knob and turn it on the label that says “PILOT”.

The PILOT, like household heaters and ovens, is a little flame that stays burning and serves as a source of combustion for major burners. It prevents us from dealing with a large rush of gas all at once.

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Step 4: Flame the PILOT 

With the help of a lighter or a match, you need to light the pilot. I always keep the knob in the PILOT mode for at least 5 to 15 seconds before lighting it up. It allows the gas to travel to the stove properly.

If it does not work the first time, I always take several attempts. Usually, by the second or third attempt, it works fine.

Step 5: Start the burners

By turning the knob to the “ON” mode, you need to start the burner. My suburban RV does not have the word ON written, but it has a symbol of flame which serves the same purpose.

Suppose you own a modern suburban RV like me. In that case, chances are high that your burner will also have a flame icon to indicate oven ignition.

Step 6: Modify the temperatures

In most suburban RVs, there is a thermostat situated right alongside the main knob. You can tune it to set it to your desired temperature. 

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Problems You Might Face While Lighting a Suburban RV Oven

All sorts of hazards are possible if you do not maintain safety. While turning on the gas, it is important to ensure that there is no fire nearby. However, you might face some small issues, which are described below.

Suburban Oven Not Lighting

This is the most common problem with these types of ovens. I have faced it a few times. In most cases, if you take several attempts to light the oven, the problem gets fixed easily.

But if that does not help, you must find the leakage or lose connection and fix it.

Suburban RV Oven Not Remaining Lit

If the fire stops after a few moments of staying lit, your thermocouple has a problem. But before attempting to open the thermocouple, you still should check the gas tank and its connections. If there is a leak, get it fixed first.

Suburban RV Oven Door Not Closing

Imagine this, you’re baking a cake in your suburban RV, and the oven door decides to make your day worse by not closing. Sounds like a real pain, doesn’t it? 

Well, I am a living witness to this. But fortunately, I figured out a way to get this issue fixed. I oiled the hinges and then attempted to close the door. It should work for you too.

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The main doubt people have regarding this topic is whether a suburban RV oven is the same as other RVs. Yes, the mechanisms and the functionalities are the same. If you still have questions, look for the answers below.

How do I get my suburban RV oven lit?

Lighting an oven in a suburban RV is the same process as a home oven. You turn on the propane gas first, then turn the knob to “PILOT,” then ignite it with a lighter or match on the oven stove.

How do I know if my suburban oven pilot light is out?

You first should remove your furnace’s front cover panel. This should reveal the pilot, a tiny solitary burner resembling a candle or a single flame on a gas stove. If you don’t see any flame or fire, your oven pilot light is out.

How does a suburban RV propane oven work?

Suburban RV propane tanks fuel gas-equipments like the oven. The gas line is attached to the cooktop burners, and propane is discharged when you twist the burner’s knob. Rotating the spark knob or pressing and pressing a button causes the lighting to occur.

Why is my suburban RV oven not igniting?

If air gets into the fuel line going to the oven, lighting cannot happen. Opening a cooktop burner and letting some gas escape will solve the problem. Doing so would pour out any air since the pipes for the oven and burners are linked.

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While going off-road, nothing can refute the importance of a well-equipped RV. And a well-functioning oven is one of the key criteria of it. Without it, your cozy journey can turn into a hellish nightmare.

Even though a suburban RV oven is almost like a household kitchen oven, some mechanisms are different. For example, your home kitchen does not have a propane tank, but your RV has one.

So, it is important to know the ins and outs of your RV oven system. Doing so would save you from sudden problems, such as not being lit, the fire not staying flamed, etc.

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