5 Common Problems with Roadtrek Zion [Solutions Included]

If traveling is your hobby and you love long drives, you will wish to drive your own Roadtrek Zion. But before you invest a handsome amount in this, you should have a look at the common problems related to this. 

Basically, the common problems may include battery issues, tire issues, electrical system issues, engine problems, interior issues, temperature issues, and many more. Some of the issues can be sorted out very easily, while some need expert intervention.

However, to make your upcoming journeys hassle-free, this article may help you with an analysis of common Roadtrek Zion problems and the ways you can fix them.


What Are the Common Problems With Roadtrek Zion?

Although Roadtrek Zion is very easy to use and maintain, you might face some common issues using it. A few of them are listed below.

  1. Battery Problems
  2. Temperature Control Problem
  3. Tire Problems
  4. Engine Performance
  5. Lubrication & Drivetrain Issues

5 Common Problems with Roadtrek Zion and Their Possible Solutions:

Troubleshooting Zion’s problem and finding the right solution are very important. You need to have the right information to find the problem as well as be technically skilled to solve it. Otherwise, you have to bring a service expert even for a simple problem.     

Problem 1: Battery Problems

Battery problems are very common in Roadtrek Zion. Suppose, you are going to start the engine but it’s not getting power. This is the most common symptom of battery problems. 

Moreover, if your headlights, dashboard lights, or indicators are not lit, then you definitely have a battery problem.  

What Causes Battery Problems On Roadtrek Zion?

There can be 2-3 reasons for battery problems. Firstly, your terminal wires for the battery might be loosely connected or rusted. Secondly, your battery is not sufficiently charged. 

And lastly, your battery water might be empty or have gone down to below the standard level.  

How To Fix Battery Problems On The Roadtrek Zion? 

Firstly, check and reconnect the battery terminal wires. If they are rusted, then use hot water to remove the rust before connecting.

Secondly, check the battery water level. If it is empty, then fill it with sufficient water. Keep in mind that this water is special water, which you will find in battery stores. So don’t put it in normal water. 

Thirdly, check whether the battery is charged or not. If it’s not then recharge it. Finally, if all the above solutions fail, then you have no option other than buying a new battery.  

How Much Does It Cost To Fix Battery Problems On Roadtrek Zion?

The charging and repairing cost of a battery will vary based on the servicing center. But a “100AH 12V LiFePO4 Deep Cycle Battery” is suitable for Roadtrek Zion. Which will cost in a range of 250$ – 559$.

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Problem 2: Temperature Control Problems

Another frequent problem that may arise while driving a Zion is difficulties with the air conditioner.  As Zions is mainly used for long tours, AC  indeed plays an important role in having a comfortable journey. 

Some usual problems with the AC are lack of cleaning the AC tools, issues with AC filters,  distributing uneven temperature, faulty cooling fans, etc. 

What Causes Temperature Control Problems On Roadtrek Zion

There can be various issues that may create problems in controlling temperature in your roadtrek zion. The first reason behind this is, having a dirty filter inside the AC. 

If the filters are not cleaned for a long time, they will be clogged with dirt. You will not get cooling air inside the zion and that may bring a suffocating situation. 

In addition to that, faulty cooling fans may cause your roadtrek zion to release hot air only. It mostly happens when the condenser doesn’t get enough cooling due to the broken/damaged fans. 

How To Fix Temperature Control Problems On Roadtrek Zion?

The best way to fix the temperature control-related problems is to clean the AC filters frequently by taking off the AC frames. Thus, your filters will serve you for a long time. 

However, it is always better to go to an expert if you don’t find the reason behind a problem. Also,  if you lack basic knowledge in terms of electrical work, going to a professional is always the best option. 

How Much Does It Cost To Fix Temperature Control Problems On Roadtrek Zion?

There is no specific ac filter for Roadtrek Zion. But a general car ac filter ( which can be used in Roadtrek Zion as well ) costs between 3$ – 17$.

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Problem 3: Tire-Related Problems

Tire-related problems might occur before you start the journey or while you are driving. If you can notice it before the journey then you will see an inflated tire. 

However, you will find tire problems while you are on the journey in a different way. You will feel the Zion is swaying or not getting in the right direction in which you are moving your steering. 

What Causes Tire-Related Problems On Roadtrek Zion?

Insufficient air pressure inside the tire and tire leakage are the two main reasons for tire-related issues. Furthermore, an expired tire can also be the reason for your trouble. 

How To Fix Tire-Related Problems On Roadtrek Zion? 

Firstly, check the tire pressure with a pressure measuring meter. If it’s below the optimum level then pressurize your tire. Even after that if the tire pressure decreases frequently then you have to go for a  tire leakage test.

If you find the tire has got any leakage then from the servicing shop repair it. However, if both the solutions don’t work then your tire has expired and you need to buy a new one.

How Much Does It Cost To Fix Tire-Related Problems On Roadtrek Zion?

There are different types and brands of Roadtrek tires whose price varies from 75$- 387$.

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Problem 4: Engine Performance Problems

While driving your Roadtrek Zion if you find any unusual grinding sound then there might be engine performance issues. Moreover, if your accelerator needs to be pressed several times while starting the Zion then there might be engine-related problems too. 

Furthermore, if you see the heat indicator has gone above the mid-level (sometimes the level varies) then there is also an engine issue.    

What Causes Engine Performance Problems On Roadtrek Zion

Engine performance or electrical system problems mainly occur due to less maintenance. If you drive for a long time, your electrical wiring might get detached or damaged and the engine may not work properly. 

At the same time, your engine parts may break while driving on rough and hilly roads. Furthermore, If your Zion’s engine cooling water is empty but you are still driving then the engine will get heated and cause it to stop.  

How To Fix Engine Performance  Problems On Roadtrek Zion? 

For better performance, you should do proper maintenance of the engine regularly. If the engine is making unusual sounds then move to the experts immediately. Because by the passage of time your minor engine issue might get bigger. 

Moreover, If you are aware of the electrical wiring connection then before and after every journey check the condition. If you are unaware then go to the service center.   

Pour the water container of the engine cooler regularly. Before and after every journey check the water level. If your engine is already heated then stop the Zion and wait for the engine to cool. If necessary, put some water in the container.

Using the AC for a long time might heat the engine as well. So be careful about using the AC throughout the journey. Sometimes it’s better to turn it off to reduce pressure on the engine. 

How Much Does It Cost To Fix Engine Performance Problems On Roadtrek Zion?

Engine repair costing can not be mentioned definitely. Because different parts of the engine cost different.

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Problem 5: Lubrication Issues

Issues with the lubrication process may stop your roadtrek zion from running smoothly. There are a number of reasons behind having lubrication problems. Mostly, they include- over and under lubrication, using wrong or contaminated lubricant, etc.

What Causes Lubrication Issues On Roadtrek Zion

Firstly, if you use excess lubricant inside the engines or others, that may lead to the tools halving clogs when it dries. So, the machinery will not run properly. 

Also, using a lesser amount of grease may cause friction inside the engines. That will create damages that may suffer you in the long run. 

It is also to be noted that you need to know the kinds of lubricants that are appropriate for different parts of your zion. Engine oil, gear oil, and break oil should be used accordingly. 

How To Fix Lubrication Issues On Roadtrek Zion?

In this case, prevention of the above-mentioned causes is the sole solution. Because, once you have the problem caused by the lubricant issues, that will not be easy to deal with in the middle of your trip. 

What you need to do is, always check where you need to put grease inside your roadtrek zion. Also, if you start having problems, immediately put the corresponding grease for that part of your zion. This will save you from having unwanted problems related to this.

How Much Does It Cost To Fix Lubrication Issues On Roadtrek Zion?

The price of the lubricants varies according to their usage. Per liter of engine grease may take 2$- 10$. Also, a liter of brake oil may cost  20$-30$.


Analyzing the common roadtrek zion problems, it can be noticed that engine and battery-related problems are most severe on a road trip. Reasons behind these problems are hard to identify and solve as well. 

Also, tire issues can be solved easily if you always carry an extra pair of tires during your trip. Moreover, cleaning the AC filters regularly will save you from unwanted situations as well. Remember, putting a sufficient amount of grease inside the engine or other parts regularly will keep your zion fit and fine during journeys!

Surely, it is not always easy to solve any kind of problem unless you are skilled and knowledgeable enough.  So, before starting your trip, try to gain some prior ideas on the common issues and act accordingly.

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