5 Most Common Problems with RV Aqua-Hot [Cause & Fixes]

Aqua-Hot is widely known for supplying hot water to Recreational Vehicles (RVs). But while camping or driving through a freezing environment, if the Aqua Hot stops working, it can not only be a hassle but rather severe sometimes.

There may be instances where the heater will not operate as intended. Not providing continuous hot water flow or not heating water at all, getting overheated, etc are the most common issues. However, fixing the thermostat, and replacing faulty burners can solve many such issues

Let’s discuss the issues and their solutions in detail.

Rv Aqua Hot Problems

Troubleshooting and Fix for RV Aqua Hot Problems 

Now that you know what types of issues you may face with the Aqua-Hot on your RV, we can discuss how to troubleshoot each of these and fix them. Let’s explore the details, including the cost to fix those issues.

Problem 01: Not Heating Water

As per some users, there is a common problem with Aqua-Hot where the heater doesn’t provide a continuous hot water supply. Rather, after some time, it stops working. 

When you turn it off and then turn it back on, it’ll stay good for a while. Then again, it stops supplying hot water. This can occur due to circuit break, a blown out fuse, or water leakage.

For troubleshooting, first check the diesel level. If it’s more than a quarter of the tank capacity, then fuel is not a problem. 

Then check the circuit and fuse. Probably, the problem will lie with any of these. In that case, you may need to replace them with new ones.

The cost of a control circuit or fuse can vary. For instance, a relay board for Aqua Hot can cost around $206.

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Problem 02: Aqua-Hot Gets Overheated

Another issue with Aqua Hot is that, sometimes you may encounter overheating problems. If this happens, you may notice the tank is overheating but the water is not as hot as expected. 

This may occur when the internal tank temperature exceeds 210°F. However, for troubleshooting purposes, you can turn the Aqua-Hot off and not turn it On until it cools down. 

If it works, then the problem is the internal tank. Even, some users claim that black box of the Aqua-Hot could be the reason behind this. They prefer a silver box for this purpose.

However, you can change the enclosure at any Aqua-Hot dealer or technician for a very cheap price.

Problem 03: Intermittent Heating

In this case, you won’t get a continuous flow of hot water. Rather, after 5-8 minutes of water flow, the heater may go Off. The reason for this can be a faulty burner.

The best way to troubleshoot this is to observe the burner switch indicator light. When the light is On, it means the burner is ready for work. 

But if, even after turning the switch On, the light doesn’t get illuminated, then it’s the burner’s fault.

However, by cycling the switch, this may be solved temporarily. But you should replace the burner for sustainable performance during annual maintenance.

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Problem 04: Diesel Burner Doesn’t Ignite

If the diesel burner is not getting started at all, maybe the thermostat is the reason here. A thermostat is used in Aqua-Hot to maintain the water temperature. 

When the temperature rises to a certain level, the diesel burner can go Off. Then the electric power will maintain the temperature at a constant level. 

But if the thermostat is faulty, then the diesel burner won’t ignite, and you won’t get hot water either.

To check for this problem, you can short the thermostat by unplugging the wires from it, and then try pressing the button to start the ignition. If it works, then the problem is with the thermostat. 

Replacing a thermostat may cost around $70-$80.

Problem 05: Suddenly Stops Working

If the voltage supply is low, for instance, lower than 12 volts DC, then the Aqua-Hot may malfunction. 

In such cases, the low-voltage light will be turned on, and the diesel burner will stop working when the voltage drops below 10.5 V.

If you encounter such issues, resetting the machine may solve the problem. You’ll see a reset button located inside the box enclosure. 

With a straightened paper clip or something like that, you can press the button, which will reset Aqua-Hot. Thus, the low voltage issue can be solved.

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How Does Aqua-Hot Work on RV?

The water heating mechanism of Aqua-Hot heater is quite simple. It runs on two different power sources. 

One of the diesel burners that works as the main source of power heats up the antifreeze to the operating temperature. 

Another power source is electricity, which is used to maintain the constant temperature of water flow.

The pump takes water and passes it through a heat exchanger tube, where the water gets hot by absorbing the heat and is then transferred to the desired location. 

However, it is recommended that when the diesel is less than a quarter of the capacity of the fuel tank, you should avoid using a diesel burner and rather rely on engine preheat or electrical power.

Aqua-Hot is known for its even heating process, low emissions, and quiet function. Watch this video to get more accurate ideas on how this heater actually works

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Some Alternative Water Heaters for Your RV

Though Aqua-Hot is the most popular product when you look for a water heater for your RV, there are a plethora of other available options. Here we’re mentioning some other brands that you may also look for when choosing a water heater.

Truma AquaGo

This is a tankless water heater. Unlike other heaters, it doesn’t always contain a lot of water. 

Rather, it only heats the water that you’ll use. It runs both on propane and electricity. To install this heater, you’ll need to contact the company’s professionals. 

Precision Temp RV-50

This is also a tankless heater. Since there’s no tank, it only heats less water instantly, which requires less propane. 

So, you can save some money on fuel. Also, the technology used in this heater is capable of delivering hot water consistently. 

Fogatti RV Tankless Water Heater

This heater is made of Copper, can carry 2.9 gallons of water, and runs on 12 volt DC power. 

The continuous hot water supply can last for 20 minutes with this heater, which is a lot longer than others that last only 5-8 minutes.

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Still have some questions in mind? Here we’ll see some general queries about Aqua-Hot which may be something you’re looking for. 

How much fuel does Aqua-Hot use?

Aqua-Hot generally comes with a dual fuel motor pump that runs on both Propane and Diesel. Aqua-Hot uses 0.72 gallons of Propane in one hour or 0.40 gallons of Diesel per hour. However, this can vary with external temperature and load on Aqua-Hot.

Where is the reset button for Aqua Hot located?

On Aqua-Hot, the reset button is located next to the Aqua Hot logo. But the button is recessed inside the stainless steel enclosure. So, you’ll need either a clip or pin to reach the button and press it.

What is the low tank level Cutoff on Aqua Hot?

There is a low-level cutoff light on the Aqua-Hot, which may turn on when the antifreeze or water heating solution level is low. If the wiring is short or the sensor is damaged, the light may turn red too. In all cases, Aqua-Hot will stop working.

Final Words

While camping in an RV, malfunctioning Aqua-Hot can be very irritating. So, knowing what may cause issues and how to sort them out can be life-saving.

Maintaining Aqua Hot or fixing minor problems is very easy to do. You don’t even need any expertise to do this. If you have the necessary tools, you can do it by only reading the user manual. 

However, to avoid such issues, regular Annual Maintenance is something that you shouldn’t ignore.

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