Why 15 Amp Fuse Keeps Blowing In Rv: How to Fix it?

RVs use fuses for older electronic devices to protect them from current overflow. A 15 Amp fuse is used for electronics like lights, furnaces, and refrigerators. I researched and figured out the reason.

The 15 Amp fuse keeps blowing in your RV because it needs to be more accurate where you placed it. Typically an RV uses 10 to 20 Amp, depending on the device and battery. A furnace usually uses a 12 Amp fuse. So when you put a 15 Amp Fuse, it blows. Other reasons we will tell you about them.

When your RV 15 Amp fuse keeps blowing off repeatedly, we understand it can be frustrating. Don’t worry; we are here to help you. Read the rest of this article and learn why the 15 Amp fuse keeps blowing and how you can fix it.


What Does 15 Amp Fuse Do in RV?

Fuses are designed and used to protect a system or device from drawing electricity overload. A 15 Amp fuse is designed for the main power source and doesn’t provide more than 15 Amp of current to a device on an RV. 

If the current flows more than 15 Amp, the fuse will blow and stop electricity from passing to save the device.

RVs use a 15 Amp fuse for light and furnace voltage balancing. But in general, RV uses 12V batteries, so a 12 Amp fuse is ideal. But 12 Amp is suitable because it will save more electricity withdrawal.

Why 15 Amp Fuse Keeps Blowing In Rv?

A 15 Amp fuse can blow for many reasons. It can blow due to damage to wires or even circuit breaker issues. The fuse doesn’t need to blow only when there is a power overload.

As a 15 Amp fuse is mostly used for furnaces and light, the chances of blowing are higher because more devices mean more issues. Below I will tell you some common reasons that can blow the 15 Amp fuse on an RV besides the electrical overload.

  • Damaged Wiring
  • Defective Electronics
  • Wrong Fuse Type
  • Moisture On The Wiring
  • Circuit Overload
  • ARC Issues

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How To Fix 15 Amp Fuse Blowing Issue in RV?

Every fuse has a lifespan; when it’s too old, you should replace it as it can be dangerous for your electronics. A 15 Amp fuse protects almost every electrical component on an RV. So, when this an older 15 Amp fuse will be risking all the electronics it’s connected to.

If the 15 Amp fuse on your RV keeps blowing, you must fix it. I will give some solutions underneath, which will help you understand the origin of the problem better and fix it yourself without calling a mechanic and spending extra dollars.

Check And Repair The Wiring

15 Amp fuses maintain the Voltage of RV electronics connected to the power source. These connections are made through cables. 

So, when there is a problem with the cables, the 15 Amp fuse will blow even after replacing it with a new fuse. Because the problem is the wire, not the 15 Amp fuse.

First, determine which 15 Amp fuse is blowing off and which devices are connected. Then check the wiring of those devices and look for damage or torn. 

Once you find it, coat it or replace the wires. Remember to disconnect the devices from the power source. Finally, install the new 15 Amp Fuse.

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Investigate If Any Connected Electronics Are Damaged

Some RVs have very old electronics like washers or fridge, which can be a major reason behind fuse blowing off as they have older components inside which don’t match the requirements.

Like before, first check fuses for electronics. If you find any old faulty device, remove it and take it to a mechanic. After removing, place the new 15 Amp fuse in your RV.

Use The Right Fuse For Right Device

You may have misplaced the 15 Amp fuse. There are other fuses in an RV, such as 20 Amp for a Dryer or 30 Amp for an air-conditioner. If you accidentally place the 15 amp fuse in the wrong place, it will blow immediately.

You need a manual for this. Most RVs have names written on the fuse box, but some old RV doesn’t. So if you don’t have a manual search in google with your RV model, follow where to place the 15 amp fuse.

Check The Circuit Breaker

Circuit breakers are the ultimate protection against power overload to any device. But the circuit breaker continually trips when a 15 amp fuse or any fuse is blown. 

So unless you fix the circuit breaker problem it doesn’t matter how many times you replace the 15 amp fuse; it will blow.

So the first thing you need to do is that when your RV’s 15 amp fuse is blown, you need to power off the main board and remove the circuit breaker. 

After that, place a new 15 amp fuse and reconnect the circuit breaker. This way, it will not trip repeatedly, and the fuse won’t blow.

Finding Out The ARC Issue Origin And Resolving it

Arc issue mostly happens when you have any screw loosened or wires eroded. This can cause serious damage to the electronics, and it usually burns the fuse.

At first, you need to check your RV to see if any of those occurrences happened. The easiest way is to check the electronics connected to the blown fuses. 

Those can create an arc so call a mechanic to fix the arc issue, or if you are confident enough, you can try it but always turn off the main power for safety.

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As 15 Amp fuse blowing on RV is a common issue around, people who use it ask several questions, and here are some of those:

How Can I Tell If My 15 Amp Fuse Is Blown?

If the 15 Amp fuse blows while you are in the RV, you will hear a slight blast noise. If not, you notice that one or more devices are not functioning.

Do All RV Electronics Use 15 Amp Fuses?

No, an RV uses various types of fuses. Not all electronics need a 15 Amp fuse. The max Amp fuse used on an RV is 30 for AC and 5 for plugs.

Where Is The Fuse Box Located On An RV?

Fuse box of an RV is located in the electrical panel that can be in many places, depending on your RV model. See their manual or search online.

Is It Possible That RV Furnace Is The Reason For 15 Amp Fuse Blowing Repeatedly?

Usually, the fuse for the furnace is separated from others, but some older devices use a combined fuse. As a result, when a furnace is malfunctioning, the fuse repeatedly blows unless you fix it.

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It is important that before making any attempt, you must shut down power. It can be very irritating when you replace the fuse, and it keeps blowing up, and you don’t know what’s wrong. 

So before going to any mechanic directly, I suggest you check out the instructions above. While attempting those processes, you might need some extra fuses because you may need to try more than once. 

Another important thing is that 15 Amp fuses come in boxes of 10/12 together, which may cost about $15 only. That’s it; best of luck, and feel free to ask further questions.

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