4 Common Problems with Rockwood RV [Solutions Included]


Rockwood is a well-known manufacturer of opulent RVs with a long history in the RV industry. Like other RVs, Rockwood’s RV allows you to experience nature close at hand while exploring a landscape, an open road, and a river with the utmost freedom of driving. 

Unfortunately, a few common problems with Rockwood RVs could ruin your wonderful outdoor experience. The problems include but are not limited to door problems, leaky roofs, electrical issues, and faulty AC.

In the rest of the article, we aim to provide every bit of detail about these issues. We will discuss the causes, symptoms, and fixing strategy of the Rockwood RV problems. Keep reading!


What Are the Common Problems With Rockwood RV?

The designs, dimensions, and features of Rockwood RVs are diverse. With such a variation, the RV is more prone to many issues. However, some issues are common to all the Rockwood. Here is a list of them:

  1. Faulty AC
  2. Electrical Problems
  3. Leaky Roof
  4. Door Issue

How Do You Troubleshoot and Fix Rockwood RV Problems?

When the problem appears, the best way to approach the issue is to explore the reason behind it. Since there can be different reasons, your strategy may change slightly. Whatever the reason, you must choose the best strategy.

1. Rockwood RV’s AC issue

Our discussion of the common problems in Rockwood will begin with the AC problem that RV owners regularly experience. The AC issue won’t prevent you from driving, but it will make driving less enjoyable.

The most common signs of an AC problem are either that it is not functioning properly or that it has completely stopped. Sometimes the AC does not cool well.

Additionally, people frequently report a temperature rise. For instance, a temperature set for 70 degrees in the morning may rise all morning to 84 degrees.

What Causes AC Problem On Rockwood RV?

There are numerous potential causes for this issue. While some only require minor adjustments, others call for significant actions like replacing parts. 

For instance, the air conditioner (AC) might have stopped working because of air-pulling holes in the filter, and the trailer might have been completely sealed off with spray-in foam. 

Simply cutting and removing the foam will take care of the problem. Anyway, the other reasons for the AC issue include the following:

  • There could be leaking 
  • The hole inside the filter
  • The baffle is not set properly
  • The condenser is blocked or broken
  • Due to an electrical issue
  • Bad compressor and faulty cooling fan 

How To Fix The AC Problem On A Rockwood RV?

As you have learned from the previous section, there are different causes for the AC issue, and there are also different solutions. We have found some valuable strategies to fix the issue.

Strategy 1:

Sometimes holes in the filters pull the air from the inside, which could block the inside with a spray of foam. To solve the issue, take a knife and cut most of the foam. 

Strategy 2:

If there is a leak between the top of the trailer and the inside ceiling, rockwood AC issues are likely to appear. Repairing the leak may solve the problem.

Strategy 3:

If the baffle between the intake and output is not in the right position, it will allow the cool air back into the air intake side. So, by setting the baffle properly, you can fix the issue. 

How Much Does It Cost To Fix AC Problems On A Rockwood RV?

The cost depends on the severity of the issue. It can be less than $100 if it can be solved using a DIY approach and the reason is minor. 

On the other hand,  if the issue is quite severe that you have to pay for the parts, such as a compressor or hose, it costs up to or more than $1000. 

Also, you may have to pay for the mechanic, which is usually given per hour and depends on his expertise and experience.

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2. Rockwood Electrical Problems

An RV is your home. Just like home electrical issues, electrical issues in the RV are pretty common. However, it should be treated seriously, and action should be taken as soon as is possible.

You can fix issues on your own, such as changing a fuse or moving a switch on a power converter. Some issues are major, like if the AC or refrigerator stops working.

If you have a general understanding of how your RV’s electrical system works and some basic knowledge about them, they won’t cause too much pain in the neck. Here are some basic guidelines on what to do if you face Rockwood electrical problems.

What Causes Electrical Problems On Rockwood RV?

There can be many reasons, but the most obvious reason for the battery issue is a faulty battery. The main energy source in an RV is DC batteries that distribute energy for light and many other things. Here are some simple reasons:

  • Loose wire 
  • Bead battery 
  • Corroded or broken battery terminal

How To Fix An Electrical Problem On A Rockwood RV?

Since each problem is different, the fixing strategy will not be the same. Below we have mentioned a few strategies to help you resolve the issue.

Strategy 1:

Start by inspecting whether they are corroded. Sometimes the wire is hooked up backward. If this is the case, try connecting the wire to its right place. make sure the red ring terminal is to the negative and use liquid tape. 

Strategy 2:

If the RV is new, then it comes with a disconnect switch, old one does not have a disconnect switch. It is important to disconnect the battery when storing the RV. 

RVs without disconnect switches require heavy effort to disconnect the battery. However, it can easily be done using the disconnect switch, which is available.

Strategy 3:

Ensure the components, like fuses or breakers, are not drawing too much electricity or the voltage is too low in the case of a new RV. Use a multimeter to check the voltage.

How Much Does It Cost To Fix Electrical Issues On A Rockwood RV?

It is tricky to say the total cost to solve the electrical issue. Until the cause is identified, you are unsure what to repair or replace.

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3. Rockwood Leaking at WiFi Ranger Wire

For RV owners, a leaky roof or leak in the WIFI ranger wire is the most likely event. The leak issue has to be taken seriously before it creates further damage. 

Sometimes you can see holes in the WiFi ranger coax cable. As a result, the steam falls through the control panel or microwave door. Delay in resolving the issue will surely damage the other part of the RV.

What Causes Leak Problems On Rockwood RV?

While there can be many causes of roof leaks, the most likely cause could be a cracked sealant. The other causes include the following:

  • Leaking Caulk
  • Any physical damage may create a hole
  • vents or skylight may Pearce the roof 
  • Aging

How To Fix Roof Leaking On Rockwood RV?

First, you need to reach the roof. Use a ladder to reach the top of the RV and do an inspection of the area. Especially the area around the antenna and the rubber seal. 

Also, check if there are any cracks in the decor. As soon as you have identified any holes, apply sealant and seal the leak.

How Much Does It Cost To Fix The Leak Issues On A Rockwood RV?

If the leak is very severe and you need to change the roof, you will have to spend around $1000. If a simple leak and sealant can do the job, you just have to bear the sealant cost.

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4. Rockwood RV Door Issue

The door issue includes the door not sitting correctly. Without a properly functioning door, the RV is never secure. You may not be able to leave your RV unattended. So the issue has to be solved very quickly.

What Causes the Door Issue? 

Among many other causes, white plastic clamps, which you can call tabs or clamps, are loose. Also, If the door is not level side to side, you will likely face this issue.

How to Fix the Door Issue?

To fix the issue, the camper needs to be very level. If not properly level from side to side, there is a chance that the roof will have a bit of a lean, putting pressure on the rivets. Additionally, the height of the roof must be consistent throughout.

How Much Does it Cost to Fix the Door Issue?

If you have to replace the door, check the latest price of the camper door on Amazon. If you need a fold-down turn knob, that will not cost you much. Finally, the cost of a mechanic varies depending on many factors.

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Like any other RV, Rockwood RV will surely run into issues. The problem is, if they appear in the middle of a memorable trip, it is quite an unpleasant experience. 

However, you can save yourself trouble by anticipating the common RV problems and taking preventative measures. Additionally, some problems are difficult to resolve without a professional’s help.

Through this article, we have described simple fixes for common RV problems. If you have one of the aforementioned problems and use a straightforward repair method, we believe your RV will be back on the road in no time.

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