5 Most Common Problems with Cedar Creek Cottages

Whether you are a frequent visitor to Cedar Creek Cottages or are considering a trip to this beloved vacation spot, it is important to be aware of the potential pitfalls and take steps to ensure a safe and enjoyable trip.

However, recent reports have shed light on a number of problems plaguing these cottages, from health and safety concerns to subpar living conditions.

In this blog post, we will delve into the specific issues that have been reported at Cedar Creek Cottages and explore what measures can be taken to address these problems.


5 Possible Problems with Cedar Creek Cottages:

Here we have gathered 5 possible issues to look out for when buying a Cedar Creek Cottage. Many of these problems have easy solutions but you don’t want to buy a new RV only to fix parts and spend money on repairs.

1. Issues with the Air Condition

The Cedar Creek Cottages have an air conditioning system throughout the RV with vents in the entertainment room as well as in the bedroom. 

You can run into a problem where the AC can’t be used separately for each area of the RV. There is a central air conditioning system and you cannot cool down the bedroom separately. 

The solution to this can be closing the vents of the specific area that you don’t want to cool down. 

However, it does cost you more electricity to AC the whole unit. It can also be bothersome to open and close the vents multiple times.

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2. Issues with the Battery

You might find that your Cedar Creek Cottage battery is not grounded. Since Cedar Creek Cottages are destination trailers, without a grounded battery, you may find yourself without electricity far outside of the city. 

To camp at a campsite or if you are connected to shore power, you need a grounded battery for safety.

You need to discuss with your dealer about the battery before buying the recreational vehicle. Sometimes, the dealer would be cooperative or will have options to ground the battery free of charge. 

You can also learn to ground your battery yourself. My suggestion would be to get an electrician to check the battery and all other electronic appliances before you start your journey to a campsite.

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3. Issues with The Awning

The Cedar Creek Cottages have an 18’ awning on all their models. You can pull out the awning to have an outdoor arrangement easily. 

The awning of the Cedar Creek Cottages has a shield sewn into the awning. This shield protects the awning during rain. 

The problem is that the stitching can leak rainwater heavily. This may cause obvious problems like getting the RV doorway wet during rain. 

You can solve this problem yourself with some DIY solutions such as covering stitches with plastic. 

You can also keep a rag handy to dry up any water that inserts because of the leaky stitch in the awning.

4. No Washer/Dryer

The Cedar Creek Cottages boast a lot of built-in appliances. However, a washer/dryer is not one of them. 

They have space for a washer and dryer in the RV but have not installed appliances there. A washer/dryer combo can cost you between $200-$400.

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5. Dinette Chair Issue

There is a small dining area in the Cedar Creek Cottages including a dining table and usually 4 chairs. 

While the trailer is on the move, ensure you have the chairs tied down or removed. Otherwise, with driving, the chairs will move and would either damage other furniture or people or themselves. 

Another problem with the chairs is that they block the windows and make for a difficult passage especially while using the theater chairs. 

If you want to solve this problem, you have to swipe out the chairs for smaller ones. You can also change the table to a smaller one to maximize space.

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In this section, we have covered some Frequently Asked Questions about Cedar Creek Cottages. If you have any further questions on the Cedar Creek Cottage, you can find the answers here.

Do all Cedar Creek Cottages come with pre-installed WiFi?

Yes. All the Cedar Creek Cottages have a pre-installed King WiFi router or range extender.

Are all Cedar Creek Cottages destination trailers?

Yes. All the models of Cedar Creek Cottages are destination trailers. Since they are 40’6”-41’6” trailers, they are not suitable for carrying around.

What is the gray water capacity of a Cedar Creek Cottage?

The gray water capacity in all the Cedar Creek Cottage models is 82 gallons. 

How to put water in the ice maker of Cedar Creek Cottage?

There is a valve on the outside where the kitchen is. You can follow the water line to find it. There you have to pour the water in for the ice maker. It is a poor design but that is where Forest River has chosen to put the access.


So, before buying a Cedar Creek Cottage, you should read all the reviews by other users. You should check all the electrical appliances of Cedar Creek Cottage since that’s where most of the issues usually occur. 

A lot of the issues with Cedar Creek Cottages are solvable especially if you can DIY some of them. Your dealer can also play a major role in your experience of using Cedar Creek Cottage. You should discuss warranty and repair with your dealer before signing the paperwork. 

This will ensure even if you run into any problems, you’ll get the best service at the lowest cost. After these are done properly, sign the deal and enjoy an off-the-grid life!

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