5 Common Micro Air Easy Start Problems [Solutions Included]


The Micro Air Easy Start is an Easy Start brand that can make life living in an RV much easier. But the users of Micro Air Easystart can face some problems using the product. So, when planning to install this product in your RV, you should learn the common problems with this product.

Some common micro air easy start problems include power interruptions, shutting off a few minutes after starting, stalling, not running on the generator, and no trouble lights on. These issues can occur even in a brand-new Micro Air Easy Start. 

In this article, we will describe in detail the common problems that users have faced with Micro Air Easy Start. We will also discuss some easy solutions to these problems.


5 Common Micro Air Easy Start Problems and Their Possible Solutions:

Micro Air Easy Start allows power to gradually start up an RV AC. This way if you’re connected to a low-voltage power grid, you can still have your AC on. 

It also reduces the loud noise and vibration accompanied by the rush of power to start the AC. So, many RV users opt for this device to be installed in their RV. 

However, you may encounter some problems that may ruin your comfortable experience. Here are some common problems that may occur after long usage. We have also tried to point out the fixing strategy with them.

1. Power Interruptions

You may face power interruptions with the installation of the Micro Air Easy Start. There can be many culprits for this kind of power interruption. The most common ones are AC inverters, faulty surge protectors, power source overloading, and input drop on the battery to the AC line. Additionally, faulty breakers, undersized extension cords, bad plugs or outlets, and poor wiring can also cause similar interruptions.  

You should check and fix your surge protector, breaker, extension cord, plugs, power source, and wiring to avoid this problem. You should also decrease the switchover voltage of your AC inverter since that is the most common cause to create power interruption.

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2. Shutting Off a Few Minutes After Starting

If there is a generator overload, the Micro Air Easy Start will shut off a few minutes after starting. In most cases, this issue is caused by the RV main power source rather than the Easy Start device. You should check the generator and fix it if there are any issues with the generator. 

Common causes for generator malfunctioning may be obstructed filters, excessive load, elevation, or temperature. You can test your generator and troubleshoot it yourself. Otherwise, you should get professional help. 

3. Stalling

If there is a problem with the compressor, if the compressor has not started or has reduced speed, Easy Start will stall. This situation can be caused by an improperly sized or bad start capacitor. But mostly it is caused by bad wiring. This issue can also be caused by output voltage collapse on generator power. 

You need to check your wiring and capacitor to identify and fix this problem. If the wiring is not the issue, check the generator and engine performance.

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4. Not Running On the Generator

Sometimes, the Easy Start may not work at all with the generator on. The wrong size of the start capacitor of the Easy Start, wrong wiring, or inadequate power in the generator may be the source of this problem.

To solve this problem, you need to check all of your connections and wirings. If you identify that the problem is with the capacitor size, you need to contact Micro Air for a replacement.

5. No Trouble Lights On

If you see that the trouble lights of the Micro Air Easy Start are off then you should thoroughly check the Easy Start device. You should also check the voltage in the line, the generator, the AC’s main plug, the distribution panel, and the wiring. If you find no issues with these, you should contact Micro Air Easy Start customer care and get the device replaced.

There is usually a replacement cost with Easy Start. It may cost you up to $75.74.

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In this section, we have addressed some Frequently Asked Questions about the Micro Air Easy start problem. These questionnaires can help clarify any further confusions you have. Find the answer to any related questions you have down below.

Where is the Bluetooth ID for Micro Air Easy Start?

You can find the Bluetooth ID for Micro Air Easy Start inside the unit on a sticker. You can also check their Bluetooth manual for all additional information about their Bluetooth.

How do I reset my Micro Air Easy Start?

To reset the Micro Air Easy Start, you have to open it up at the back. There you have to move the jumper block from the Factory Default to the Relearn position. Apply power and run the compressor for 10 seconds then turn off the power. Move the jumper block back to Factory Default and you’re done.

What is the Micro Air Easy Start app?

There is a Micro Air Easy Start app that you can find on the Apple store. You can use the app to monitor if your Easy Start is running or not. You can also check the voltage and device health on the app.

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So, now you know about the 5 common problems that might occur with the Micro Air Easy Start RV. You also know the solutions to these problems. You can also check their detailed manual to troubleshoot these problems. 

The Micro Air EasyStart can make your life really easy when you’re living in an RV in a hot climate. Make sure you have wired the Easy Start correctly when installing it. 

Moreover, Micro Air also has great customer service so you can reach out to them about the issues as well if you can’t solve them yourself.

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