Everchill RV Refrigerator Reset: Here’s How to Do It Easily!

Facing issues with your RV refrigerator during a trip is unwanted. That said, Everchill RV refrigerators offer great value and are an excellent addition to your RV. But how to get an immediate solution if something goes wrong with it?

To reset the Everchill RV refrigerator, you must cut power for 2 hours at the breaker. Resetting the offers solutions to issues like gurgling sound, warm compartments, unwanted fridge vibrations etc. 

There’s more to resetting and internal issues of the Everchill RV fridge. We’ll be discussing this more in the sections below.

Everchill RV Refrigerator Reset

Why Do You Need to Reset Everchill RV Refrigerator?

Resetting the Everchill RV refrigerator is a great way to troubleshoot major problems that halt its functionality. 

The issues you can mitigate from resetting range from the fridge not cooling to error codes. 

From our findings, below are some reasons that might invoke a reset in your Everchill RV refrigerator.

Reason 01: Faulty Thermostat

The prime task of the thermostat is having control over the temperature inside the Everchill RV refrigerator. It has indirect control over the compressor of the fridge. 

If the fridge doesn’t show temperature readings as it should, there are issues with the thermostat. You can initially try to solve it by resetting the thermostat itself.

But if the problem persists, you might need to unplug and reset your fridge to get a solution. 

Reason 02: Compressor Not Functioning

There can be an occurrence where you will notice the lights and air circulation fan is functional in your RV fridge but not the compressor. Most of the time, it happens due to a power issue with a shortage of input power. 

To check whether it’s an issue with the battery, you can use a multimeter and inspect the voltage. 

If it shows alright, disconnect your Everchill RV refrigerator from power and allow it to reset. No battery issues mean a simple reset will solve the problem.

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Reason 03: Not Chilling

When the compartments in your refrigerator are not cool and food items aren’t chilled, it must be immediately addressed. 

Several reasons can be the root of this issue. There can be faulty components or clogged lines inside the refrigerator. 

In this regard, the first diagnostic and troubleshooting measures you can take is resetting your Everchill RV fridge.

Reason 04: Error Code

There can be situations when your Everchill refrigerator will flash error codes. One such occurrence is when you see the temp display on your freezer showing a DF code while the freezer light isn’t functional.

In this regard, you can either have two solutions. The first is resetting the fridge, and if that doesn’t work, you must disconnect the battery and reconnect it.

Most of the time, resetting the Everchill RV refrigerator will work. Only on a few occasions, the light might blink after half an hour of operation, for which a battery disconnect is needed.

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How to Reset Everchill RV Refrigerator?

Since several problems can be solved simply by resetting your Everchill RV refrigerator, we got to explore that option. 

However, the Everhill RV refrigerator doesn’t have a reset button. But don’t worry, as we will be explaining the step-by-step process in the section below:

  • Cut the power of your refrigerator cautiously 
  • Wait for 2-3 hours in the same condition
  • Reconnect your refrigerator with the power source once the duration is over

Once you carry out all these directives smoothly, the reset is successful. However, the reset may not solve the problem if faulty components are inside.

Things to Consider While Troubleshooting Your Everchill RV Refrigerator

Carrying out a reset is the first measure of troubleshooting. It’s good if resetting helps your case, or else you must look out for other actions.

That said, below here are some aspects that you should keep in your consideration while resetting your Everchill RV refrigerator. 

Check Operative Mode:

Before trying out any troubleshooting measure, you should figure out the mode at which your Everchill RV fridge operates. RV refrigerators either run on propane, electricity or neither of the both. 

To figure it out, you can navigate to the access panel of the refrigerator, which is outside your RV wall. It is the panel which the back of your RV refrigerator is aligned with.

By opening this access panel, you can figure out the mode in which your Everchill RV refrigerator is working. That said, the Everchill RV refrigerator runs on a 120 V power source.

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RV Levelling:

It is an aspect which is overlooked most of the time. The RV being levelled to the ground is one of the crucial aspects for keeping your RV fridge free from issues. 

There will be complications with your unleveled Everchill RV refrigerator. According to our research, we found out that the RV should be kept within 3 degrees of level to avoid any significant issues. 

The core reason is that the ammonia and water inside the fridge won’t have a proper flow mechanism. As a result, it would hamper the cooling function inside.

Determine Electric Condition:

When the Everchill RV refrigerator runs on a 120 V power source, it’s crucial to see whether the output exists. Use a multimeter to check whether your refrigerator is running at a proper voltage.

Any voltage reading around 105 or 110 means that the power source doesn’t have enough capacity to run the refrigerator. In such scenarios, the fridge compartments don’t cool mainly.

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The need for resetting the Everchill RV refrigerator might bring up a lot of queries. We have answered some of the most prominent ones for your better understanding. 

Why is the Everchill RV Refrigerator light blinking?

The condition of the light blinking in the RV refrigerator denotes a lack of power. The light blinks because there is a need for power, which happens because of faulty converters or wiring.

Why is my Everchill RV refrigerator not cooling?

The problem with the Everchill RV refrigerator not cooling is persistent because of a lack of air circulation or a faulty thermistor. Because airflow is crucial and also the environment in which the RV is parked.

Do I need to replace a component while resetting the Everchill RV fridge?

Replacing the component in your RV refrigerator isn’t required for resetting. You can turn off your fridge for a few hours and reconnect it to complete the reset.

Final Thoughts

The problem is prevalent in electronic appliances, but a reset can mitigate it quickly. 

For resetting the Everchill RV refrigerator, you should first identify the type of problems.

We recommend you inspect the symptoms and try out the reset method. Let us know if you solved the problem, and for any issues, do connect.

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